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If you're in the market to buy a mesh office chair at a fantastic price, a bespoke seating solution, or a chair to ease back pain, you've come to the right place! Explore our comprehensive online selection of office chairs in South Africa, including ergonomic, orthopedicgamingvisitorheavy-dutyindustrial, medical & laboratory chairs

All our office chairs are supplied FULLY ASSEMBLED and delivery is FREE throughout South Africa! 

There are so many suppliers of office furniture around, so what makes us different to our competitors? Does Karo offer business furniture solutions that give us the edge over our competitors? 

What will convince you that buying an office chair from Karo is the right decision for you?

Why buy a mesh or upholstered office chair from Karo?

We could answer the question by saying, for example, that we offer great service, or that the quality of our products is superb, or our prices are better than the competition, or that we have been manufacturing chairs for many years.

However, all these, and any similar statements, firstly sound arrogant, and secondly, most of our competitors would probably say either the same, or something very similar!

As a prospective customer looking for office chairs, such clichés will, in all likelihood, not help you achieve your objective, namely, you want to ensure that when you buy a chair, it is the RIGHT product for YOU!

will this ergonomic office chair suit me
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Why should you buy an office chair from Karo, South Africa?

Simply saying that we are better than our competition is both a cliché and meaningless.

When you decide to buy a mesh or upholstered office chair, our primary role is to assist you in the buying process so that you can make an informed and correct product choice. We want to ensure that if you are buying an ergonomic office chair online for shipment anywhere in South Africa, your ‘buying journey’ is a smooth and satisfying one. What is an ergonomic chair?

1. Buy mesh and fully upholstered office chairs online

For your convenience:

All our office chairs are supplied FULLY ASSEMBLED and delivery is FREE throughout South Africa! 

Lotus Ergonomic Office Chair

2. Factors to consider before buying office chairs

There are a huge number and variety of mesh and upholstered office chairs for sale in South Africa. In as much as they all look different, they all look the same. 

Selecting the right product can be both confusing and time consuming. How do you select the best work chair?

Making the wrong choice can be expensive and may be detrimental to your wallet and your long-term health. The 5 consequences of sitting on the wrong office chair.

Looking for a great deal? See our Office Chair Specials

Before buying a new chair, ask yourself the following questions:

For what application will the chair be used?

This is arguably the most important question and is always top of the list. Chairs are used in offices, laboratories, workshops, conference rooms, gaming, executive suites, homes, and so the list goes on. The application of the chair is crucial as it determines the product category.

How to select the best work chair

How many hours per day will you use the chair?

If you spend more than 6 hours a day sitting at your desk, you should consider buying an ergonomic office chair that has more features and greater adjustability. Alternatively, if you only use the chair for an hour each day, then a less expensive chair with fewer options might be a better choice. To assist you in your choice each office chair has an ergonomic rating.

Do you weigh more than 120kg?

All office chairs have a weight rating which is the maximum user weight they are designed to support. For warranty and safety purposes, it is important that your weight does not exceed the weight rating of the selected chair. Standard office chairs are designed for individuals weighing up to 120kg.

If you weigh more than 120kg, you should consider a chair with a higher weight rating. These office chairs have a weight rating above 120kg. 

Will this chair be used by different people throughout the day?

1. Automatic Self-Adjusting Tension Mechanism

Our office chairs come equipped with a tilt mechanism, enabling you to lean backward and alter the angle between the backrest and the seat.  The tilting action is typically governed by a spring within the tilt mechanism, and by adjusting the tension in this spring, the backrest’s tilting motion, or resistance, can be modified. Adjustment of the spring tension is done either manually or automatically. Manual adjustment involves turning a handwheel located beneath or to the side of the chair, while self-adjusting tension mechanisms automatically adapt the spring tension based on the user’s weight.

If multiple individuals will be using the same office chair throughout the day, a chair with a manual tension adjustment knob becomes inconvenient and time-consuming. In such cases, it is advisable to opt for a chair featuring an automatic self-adjusting tension mechanism. These office chairs have an automatic self-tensioning mechanism.

2. Seat Depth Adjustment

Office chairs equipped with a seat slider empower you to fine-tune the seat depth, enabling you to move the seat pan backward or forward to align with the length of your thighs. When you are seated comfortably with your back against the backrest of the chair, there should be a 2-3 finger gap between the front edge of the seat and the back of your knees.

If a number of people will be using the same office chair throughout the day, a chair with a seat slider allows each person to change the seat depth to suit their leg length, thereby maintaining a correct ergonomic seated posture. These office chairs have a seat slider.

Are you very tall with long legs?

Office chairs equipped with a seat slider empower you to fine-tune the seat depth, enabling you to move the seat pan backward or forward to align with the length of your thighs. When you are seated comfortably with your back against the backrest of the chair, there should be a 2-3 finger gap between the front edge of the seat and the back of your knees.

If you are tall with longer legs, a seat slider allows you to increase the seat depth, thereby maintaining a correct ergonomic seated posture. These office chairs have a seat slider.

Are you very tall and need a chair with a headrest?

A headrest offers support for the neck and upper back, particularly during periods of relaxation or when reclining in a chair. For individuals of taller stature, it is crucial to verify that the headrest is adaptable and extends to a sufficient height to provide adequate support for the head and neck. Note: A headrest is not obligatory. Taller users can select an ergonomic or orthopedic chair without a headrest and not compromise either their comfort or wellbeing. 

If you are exceptionally tall and require a chair with a headrest, these office chairs have an adjustable headrest designed to provide comfortable support for your neck and head.

Do you have chronic back pain?

If you have chronic back pain, you may want to consider an orthopedic chair that has more adjustable features.

An orthopedic chair has multiple adjustment features to address chronic back ailments and is typically dedicated to a single user. If other people use this chair, they may change the settings, which means you will have to reset the chair to your preferences every time you use it.

Do you have coccyx pain?

Office chairs equipped with a seat slider empower you to fine-tune the seat depth, enabling you to move the seat pan backward or forward to align with the length of your thighs. 

If you have coccyx-related issues, a chair with a seat slider allows you to adjust the seat depth to alleviate pressure on the coccyx, thereby improving your seated comfort and wellbeing. These office chairs have a seat slider.

What tasks are you going to perform?

Chairs are designed for specific applications. For example, chairs that are used in a 24/7 call-centre are quite different to those used in a medical laboratory or casino, so select a chair that matches the task that you perform.

Are you looking for a Gaming Chair?

Gaming chairs are different to their ergonomic counterparts. With so many options available for sale in South Africa, what are the main differences between office and gaming chairs?

10 ideas for creating a good all-in-one home office gaming setup

Is there a space constraint where the chair will be used?

Office chairs are available in all shapes and sizes. Some, like the Nika, are physically smaller and will suit a study area with limited space. Others, like the OrthoGrande, are suitable for large office spaces. 9 Tips to setup your study chair

Do I need a mesh or fully upholstered office chair?

Mesh office chairs “mould” themselves into the shape of your back which makes them more supportive and comfortable than an upholstered chair. By doing so, they can help to improve posture and reduce aches and pains associated with musculoskeletal disorders. Modern office chair with mesh backrest – Good or Bad?

In addition to moulding themselves to suit the shape of your back, the mesh is ‘breathable’, which is a great attribute in a warm climate, particularly if your office isn't air conditioned.

What is your budget?

The final question. While we provide a wide range of office chairs across different price points, we don't cater to the lowest end of the market in South Africa. Our emphasis is on offering high-quality products. What influences the price of an office chair?

Once we understand YOUR requirements, then and only then will we be able to propose various solutions that meet YOUR needs.

Our business objective is to help you buy the right office chair, whether it is a cheaper one or a highly sophisticated ergonomic one with a mesh backrest. Cheap chairs – what do they REALLY cost me?

There may well be instances where we cannot provide you with a suitable solution. If this is the case, then it will make sense that you do not purchase a chair from us, and we will understand and support you in this decision. Just like you, what we do not want is to get involved in a business transaction that isn’t right for us. 

Why you shouldn’t buy an office chair from Karo

To not waste YOUR time, there are a few instances when you should not consider buying an office chair from Karo. These include if you:

    • Need a chair that is highly specialised, for example, a saddle chair, specialist medical chair or a chair suitable for small children.
    • Have an extremely limited budget. At Karo, we do not have a range of chair solutions that address the true budget-end of the market.
    • Need the chair “instantly”. Although we do carry a huge range of chairs in stock, if you live in an area further away from our factory, we may not be able to deliver the chair in the time frame that you require.

3. Customised office chairs

We do of course also offer customised solutions. If you are looking for something non-standard to fit in with your home or office décor, then rest-assured we will do our best to accommodate you. We can (and do!) upholster our chairs in a huge variety of fabric, vinyl or leather upholstery. If you are looking for leather, what are the different types of leather available for office chairs?

If none of our standard ranges match your requirements, then simply supply your own material and we will upholster your chairs with it. What is the best upholstery fabric for office chairs?

Note: If you order customised chairs, there will be a manufacturing lead time associated with your purchase. Depending on the availability of the upholstery material, our manufacturing lead time is typically 3-4 weeks.

4. Ergonomic or Orthopedic office chairs?

Is there a difference between ergonomic and orthopedic office chairs? Yes, there is.

Unfortunately, many suppliers use these terms interchangeably when selling their ranges of office chairs.

All orthopedic office chairs are also ergonomic chairs, but ergonomic chairs are not necessarily orthopedic chairs.

Confused? Find out what the difference is between an orthopedic and ergonomic chairs.

If you are a Big & Tall person, you may require a heavy duty orthopedic chair

medical orthopedic task chairs are good for sciatica
Orthopedic chairs have different features to ergonomic chairs

5. Visit our Showroom

At our factory and head office located in Spartan near Kempton Park (close to OR Tambo Airport and Edenvale), we have a large showroom where we display our modern mesh and fully upholstered office chairs, a select range of desks and other office accessories that we have on sale. Why buy a chair from Karo?

Our team of highly qualified Office Ergonomics Risk Facilitators are on-site to professionally assess your needs and assist you in purchasing the product that best suits your requirements. Why should you visit our showroom in Johannesburg?

Our specialists will ask you several questions and complete a series of measurements before setting up a workstation that correctly matches both your physique and working environment. You will then have an opportunity to test the options until you find one that best suits your needs….and your budget. This is an obligation free service!

Our showroom is open Monday to Friday.
Call us on
(011) 392-6803 to make an appointment, or simply complete the form below.

desk chairs for sale at karo office and desk chair factory and showroom in South Africa

6. FREE delivery for all office chairs throughout South Africa

Our office chairs, whether standard products via our online shop or customised chairs, can be delivered throughout South Africa free of charge. In conjunction with our own vehicles for deliveries within Gauteng, we partner with national carriers that service the entire country.

Once your order is complete (for customised chairs), our standard delivery lead time within the greater Johannesburg and Pretoria area, is 1-3 days. Delivery time to other major metropolitan areas is 5-10 working days (courier service).

7. Client List

Some of the world’s most iconic brands have bought our products - see our projects and client list. A selected range of our chairs are available for sale through Takealot and Makro Online.

8. Product Warranty

The warranty period for every product is clearly stipulated on each individual product page. This warranty only applies to Karo products sold and used in the Republic of South Africa. Full details can be found at product warranty.

9. Returns Policy

When you purchase a product from Karo, we include a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product to us and we will either repair it, replace it, or issue you with a full refund, subject to our standard Returns Policy.

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