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Introducing Ergōspace

We know how important selecting the correct furniture is to your business and we understand that each client is unique. Karo’s Ergōspace offering provides a holistic furniture solution to your working environment that incorporates best practices in ergonomics. Ergōspace encompasses a comprehensive approach to your ergonomic needs and is the cornerstone of our business furniture solutions

How does Ergōspace work?

Our specialists begin by conducting an in-depth analysis of your existing or proposed office workplace, taking into account factors such as the work environment, usage duration, and budget. They use this data to suggest top-quality, certified ergonomic furniture options.

We work alongside your chosen designers and architects to customise the setup to your corporate style and décor.

Our comprehensive service includes the delivery and arrangement of furniture, user training, and workstation setup. 


Workplace Assessment

This initial stage is crucial in determining the specific needs and ergonomic requirements of your work area. Our team of experts will conduct a thorough assessment of your workplace. We'll analyse factors like the type of work being done, typical hours of use, and the layout of your space. This helps us understand what kind of furniture will best support your employees' wellbeing and productivity. 

Product Selection

Based on the information gathered during the Workplace Assessment, we now enter the product selection phase. We will recommend various options of quality-certified ergonomic furniture to suit your workplace needs and budget. We collaborate with other suppliers and manufacturers to provide a comprehensive office furniture solution. 

Design Collaboration

We strive to create a collaborative design process that merges creativity and functionality. We do this by collaborating with your preferred interior designers and architects to customise the selected products to suit your corporate image and décor.

Product Installation

We will arrange for the delivery, placement and unpacking of the office chairs to coincide with the installation of desks and other office furniture. Naturally, the removal of all office chair packaging material is included.

Training and Setup

We don't just sell furniture, we empower your team to use it effectively. We provide comprehensive training to ensure your employees understand the ergonomic features and how to adjust them for maximum comfort and benefit. Our team provides training in Workplace Ergonomics, Workstation Setup, Office Health & Wellness and Product Care.


Should you require it, our team is available to assist you with tender applications and finance options.

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