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Karo has become a trusted supplier to some of the most iconic South African and global brands.

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Every Karo product comes with a warranty that protects your investment.

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Smart Office

Personalised for you, our Smart Office range of seating, desks and accessories caters for your workspace, whether it be for an office, training room, meeting area, boardroom, cafe or breakout area. At Karo we offer you a smarter solution to your office furniture requirements.

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Gaming Office Chairs

Our gaming office chairs are designed to suit both gamers and office workers. These chairs are fully adjustable and include the latest ergonomic features to ensure comfort while you work or play.

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Smart Industrial & Retail

When your business requires more than a standard chair, look no further than our Smart Industrial and Retail chair range. Whether you require seats for a harsh factory environment, or for use in your hi-tech laboratory, workshop or retail environment, Karo's industrial chair range is designed specifically to offer you greater comfort and durability.

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Smart Medical & Laboratory

Karo's Smart Medical & Laboratory seating caters for your special requirements. By including specialist features like anti-static castors for IT laboratories, you are able to select the right chair for the job. To make your life easier, our integral-skin polyurethane seats are both durable and easily cleaned to reduce the risk of contaminating your workspace.

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Smart Kneeling Chair

Originally developed by Karo in 1986, the Wellback Kneeling Chair is based on sound ergonomic principles. The underlying principle of a kneeling posture chair is to maintain an ‘open’ pelvis while you are sitting. This reduces the strain in your lower back that normally occurs when you sit on a conventional chair.

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Smart Training & Conference

At Karo we offer you a broad spectrum of Smart Training and Conference seating. To address your needs, our range includes stackable and linked seating with additional options like anti-panic writing tables, storage shelves for bags, and drink-bottle holders.

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Heavy-Duty Seating

Our range of Heavy-Duty Call Centre and Control Room seating is specifically adapted for 24/7 use. Whether you require a mesh-back or fully upholstered chair, our products are designed to be durable and withstand the extremely tough conditions you encounter in a control room or call centre. What makes an office chair 'heavy duty'?

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Smart Accessories & More

Our range of Smart Accessories allow you to complete your office with the finer details. Make your work life easier and more comfortable by selecting accessories that include footrests, monitor stands, micro-desks, and much more.

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