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mid back vs high back swivel office chair

Top 3 things that impact the lifespan of a chair

There are 3 things that impact the lifespan of a chair. Choosing the right office furniture upfront can save you ...
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Office chair repairs: 6 signs you need a new office chair

Waiting too long to deal with a broken chair will have long term health implications.
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Workplace disaster: understanding an ergonomic analysis

Workplace ergonomic analysis sounds like the sort of topics that inspire eye rolls from everyone in the room when the ...
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How much does an office chair really cost you?

Most people think all office chairs are similar and have the same qualities – you just need your employees to ...
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Delta heavy duty lab and Industrial Chair

Factory workers need ergonomic chairs too!

Correctly selected ergonomic chairs significantly increases the productivity levels of your office employees. It makes sense to also  invest in ...
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alya heavy duty office chairs are ideal for a call center that operates on a 24/7 multi-shift basis

Where aesthetics fit when choosing the right office chair and why it’s important

Jill Munger, CEO of time&space, writes about the importance of choosing the right office chair for your office redesign. An office ...
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