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Whether you are looking for executive or task chairs, or seating for visitors, training rooms or breakout areas, we have the right ergonomic chair for your work or home office. Because we offer you customised ergonomic seating solutions, we are able to match your aesthetic and budgetary requirements.

1. What is an Ergonomic Office Chair?

An ergonomic office chair is designed to provide you with optimum support and comfort, while simultaneously ensuring a healthy, comfortable and productive seated posture.

By taking into account your body shape and size, a good ergonomic chair can be adjusted so that it correctly supports your body, irrespective of whether you are working, gaming or simply relaxing in the chair.

relax in alya high back swivel ergonomic office chair with fully adjustable armrests, syncho mechanism, adjustable lumbar support and headrest
The Alya is a highly rated ergonomic office chair

Ergonomic chairs allow for the natural flexibility and movement of your body as you change your seated position. Because they are highly adjustable and promote dynamic sitting, these chairs ensure that you maintain a correct posture and that your body weight is evenly distributed. This reduces muscle strain, back pain, neck and shoulder fatigue, and other physical discomforts caused by a poor seated posture. The 5 consequences of sitting on the wrong chair.

2. Why do you need an ergonomic office chair?

An ergonomic office chair is essential to maintain good posture and reduce the risk of discomfort or injury, especially for anyone that spends the majority of their working day sitting at their desk or workstation.

In fact, according to one international study, office workers spend 75% of their waking hours sitting down!

a. Posture support

A good ergonomic chair should  have a contoured backrest that helps maintain the proper alignment of the spine, reducing the strain on the lower back. The backrest should include an adjustable lumbar support to keep the spine in its natural elongated ‘S’ position. Why back support for an office chair is important.

b. Comfort and adjustability

Ergonomic office chairs are designed for comfort during extended periods of sitting. An adjustable seat and backrest are important to ensure the chair fits your body shape, height and weight, and adjustable armrests can help to rest your arms while typing or scrolling.

Moulded foam seat cushioning provides additional comfort, and a mesh backrest promotes air flow and helps to reduce body temperature when sitting for long periods, especially in a hot climate. Mesh office chairs – pros & cons.

Heathrow Heavy Duty Orthopaedic Chair
The elongated 'S' shape of the spine is maintained by sitting on a good ergonomic chair

c. Reduced strain on joints

Sitting for long periods in an improper chair can lead to discomfort and strain on the joints, especially in the neck, shoulders, and lower back. Ergonomic chairs are designed to distribute body weight evenly and reduce pressure on these areas. Back pain in the workplace

d. Increased productivity

If you are comfortable and properly supported, you are more likely to be focused and productive. Discomfort and pain from poor-quality chairs can lead to distractions and decreased efficiency, whether at work or play.

e. Prevention of musculoskeletal disorders

Prolonged use of a chair that is not ergonomic can contribute to the development of musculoskeletal disorders, such as back pain, neck pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Ergonomic chairs are designed to minimise these risks.

f. Improved circulation

Ergonomic office chairs promote better blood circulation by reducing pressure on certain points of the body. This can help prevent numbness and tingling in the legs and feet.

g. Ergonomic chairs may improve long-term health and wellbeing

Using an ergonomic chair can contribute to long-term health by reducing the risk of chronic conditions associated with poor sitting habits, such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

the 5 consequences of sitting on the wrong chair
The 5 consequences of sitting on the wrong chair

3. How do you know if an office chair is ‘ergonomic’?

When shopping for a new office chair, you may come across the term ‘ergonomic’ and wonder what this means. An ergonomic chair is designed specifically to support good posture, keep you comfortable and reduce any unnecessary strain on your body. To ensure the chair is truly ergonomic, it must be highly adjustable and should include the following features:

    • A height adjustable seat with a front edge that curves towards the floor.

    • Breathable, non-slippery fabric on the seat. 

    • A supportive backrest that follows the shape and curvature of your back. 

    • A backrest that supports the lumbar region of your back.  A height adjustable backrest and/or adjustable lumbar support is critical. Why back support for an office chair is important.

    • A seat that does not put pressure on the back of thighs. Ideally, the seat depth should be adjustable to accommodate taller individuals or anyone with a coccyx-related issue. A chair with a seat slider allows you to adjust the seat depth to alleviate pressure on the coccyx, thereby improving your seated comfort and wellbeing. These ergonomic office chairs have a seat slider.

    • A synchronous mechanism or free-float swivel and tilt mechanism that allows Dynamic Sitting 

    • Adjustable armrests that do not interfere with free movements within your work area. What is the difference between office chair armrests and which is best?

    • Controls that are easy to adjust from a sitting position. This is especially important if different people use the same chair.

If an office chair ticks all of these boxes, then it should be comfortable and supportive enough to be considered an “ergonomic chair”.

4. What to look for when buying an ergonomic chair?

a. Adjustability

Adjustability, adjustability and in case you missed it, adjustability.

The more adjustable functions that the chair has, the higher the probability that it can be correctly adjusted to suit your body shape and size.

b. Appropriate weight rating

Ensure that the weight rating is suitable. Typically, office chairs are rated for 120 and 150kg, while some are rated for up to 180kg. Choosing a chair with the incorrect weight rating might result in an unpredicted breakage, possibly causing injury and making the warranty invalid. If you weigh more than 120kg, you should consider a chair with a higher weight rating. These ergonomic office chairs have a weight rating greater than 120kg.

features of ergonomic office desk chairs for sale in south africa include adjustable armrests, seat and backrest angle, and fully adjustable lumbar support

c. Wide range of features

Look for a chair that is designed with a wide range of features such as head and neck support, comfort pads, and adjustable backrest angle. It’s essential to provide appropriate support to your spine while sitting to avoid unnecessary strain and injuries. The ideal ergonomic chair should also have a swivel base for a wider range of motion, allowing for more natural movement.

d. Warranty

Ergonomic office chairs are available in South Africa with warranty periods that range from 6 months to 10 years and more. In most cases, these warranties are for chairs that are only used for 8 hours per day, 5 days per week. Heavy-duty chairs may have extended warranties that cover the chair for 24/7 usage.

Make sure that you select a chair with a warranty that is suitable for the application for which it will be used.

e. Comfort

Finally, pick a chair that looks and feels comfortable. Look for materials that are robust and durable, yet comfortable to touch. A chair with the right height, weight and overall size can also help ensure maximum comfort for users of all body shapes and sizes. Buying the Right Office Chair Online: A guide to Measuring Yourself.

5. What are the benefits of an ergonomic chair?

An ergonomic chair provides the user with a whole range of benefits. Most notably, these chairs are designed to reduce strain and fatigue on the body by allowing for better support and comfort. The high degree of adjustability helps to maintain a correct posture and can aid in reducing neck, shoulder and back pain. Ergonomically designed chairs can also help to improve blood circulation, helping to reduce the risk of developing some musculoskeletal problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Ergonomic chairs are also beneficial in an office environment, as they help prevent long-term posture issues such as hunching and slouching, improving overall productivity and employee wellbeing. Finally, a modern ergonomic chair enhances the aesthetic look and feel of any office.

6. Is an ergonomic office chair worth the investment?

An ergonomic office chair can be a wise investment if you’re looking to ensure good posture while you work. Choosing one means you’ll benefit from improved comfort and productivity levels in the long run.

A good quality ergonomic office chair can reduce the risk of back pain and injury that might otherwise be caused by long periods spent sitting in an uncomfortable chair – The Leagrave Therapy Clinic.

While the initial cost of an ergonomic chair may seem expensive, the money you save in the long run, by avoiding pain and suffering, will be more than worth it. Cheap Office Chairs: How they impact your health.

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