Business Furniture Solutions for Home and Office

Karo is located in Johannesburg and our company has been providing exclusive business furniture solutions since 1986. It has always been our objective to provide our customers with:

* Value for Money

* Superior Quality Products

* Exceptional Customer Service

karo factory and showroom
Exclusive business furniture solutions from Karo

Karo’s turnkey service allows us to provide solutions for all your business furniture needs. Whether you need to furnish your office, laboratory, factory, training facility or call-centre, we have the answer!

It is our objective is to help you create a workspace that:

  • Enhances your business image
  • Provides you with the best possible return on your investment
  • Is durable and improves the health and wellbeing of you and your employees.

Business Furniture Solutions from Karo

At our company, we understand that purchasing business furniture is expensive, so it is important to ‘get it right’. To assist you in avoiding costly errors, we offer a Total Solution that is based on the following core principles:

1. Professional Sales Consultants

Our sales consultants are business furniture experts. They are accredited practitioners in workplace ergonomics and by using our unique WorkRite© program, they are able to scientifically evaluate your existing workstation setup. Due to their specialist knowledge, they are able to provide you with recommendations that ensure you receive the best possible return on your investment.

We are determined to find a furniture solution that best satisfies your needs.

2. WorkRite© 

Our unique WorkRite© program provides a holistic solution to your business furniture needs.  WorkRite© uses a 4-step approach.

  • We begin by conducting a detailed analysis of your workplace. This initial stage is critical to identify your specific needs and operating parameters. Are you looking for business furniture for a laboratoryofficefactory or call centre? How many hours per day will it be used? Who will be using the products?
  • In the second step, we use this information to recommend only those products that best meet your requirements.
  • The third stage in WorkRite© is devoted to training your employees to correctly use the products and provide advice on workplace health, ergonomics and product care.
  • To complete the program, we assist with the on-site installation, setup and rubbish removal.

This detailed program ensures that you get the maximum benefit and return on your investment.

3. Experience in Providing Exclusive Business Furniture Solutions

Karo was established in 1986 as a manufacturer of specialist ergonomic seating. Over the years we have developed a broad range of corporate business furniture. Due to our consistent policy of offering a quality product at a competitive price in the shortest possible time, our company has captured a significant share of the business furniture market in Southern Africa.

To assist you with your purchase of new business furniture, all our ergonomic and orthopaedic office chairs have either an ergonomic or orthopaedic rating.

In 1997, we broadened our product range and entered the casino chair market. Our ranges of casino seating are now exported to gaming venues around the world.

4. Global Supplier of Business Furniture

We have clients spread across five continents. This global customer base has a positive impact on our product development as we are able to gather feedback from clients around the world. To increase our global sales and distribution of casino chairs, in 2004 we established an office and distribution center in Sydney, Australia.

Locally, our company has provided business furniture solutions to some of the worlds most iconic brands.

5. Value for Money

We are a manufacturer and sell directly to our customers, thereby ensuring you receive the most competitive prices.

6. Innovative Designs and Cutting-Edge Technology

Karo was founded by two engineers, and to this day we retain our emphasis on product design and innovation. Our engineering focus helps us to develop new products and components to suit all your business furniture needs.

moulded foam | office chairs | Karo business furniture solutions
Moulded foam technology
automatic fabric cutting for office chair upholstery
Automated fabric cutting

To keep us at the forefront of the market, we use cutting-edge CAD design software. In order to benefit our customers and improve our quality, we continually design new products and components that including the latest developments in moulded foamfabric cutting and ergonomics. Over the years we have created many innovative products and components that have set new benchmarks in our market.

Because we liaise and visit our local and international partners, we are able to ensure that their latest components and trends are included in the design of all our business furniture. We keep abreast of new research and advances in ergonomics, and include these concepts in our product designs.

7. Quality Solutions for all your Business Furniture

At Karo, all our furniture is designed and manufactured through a joint approach between our design engineers, suppliers and, most importantly, our customers. Having gathered this information, we include current research in ergonomics, industrial physiology and market trends to ensure we have all the relevant information. Only then do we refine our design concepts and fabricate prototypes.

To ensure that we maintain our quality standards, all our processes are completed in accordance with our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. Our extended warranty, returns policy and integrated approach towards manufacturing high quality products, gives you total peace of mind.

8. Production Planning to meet due dates

We have a highly sophisticated ERP production planning and control system. This software and our focus on Lean business processes, ensures that components arrive on-time to meet your due-date requirements.

business furniture production planning system

9. Sustainability

Sustainability is important to us and we include it in our Strategic Planning. At Karo, we take our social responsibility seriously. We strive to reduce our impact on the environment and actively develop processes and systems to reduce, recycle and reuse packaging, components and products.

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