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Visit our Johannesburg showroom to see the extensive range of chairs and accessories that we have on sale. Alternatively, buy online.

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Looking for a supplier of ergonomic office chairs in Johannesburg? Look no further! Visit our showroom to see the extensive range of chairs and accessories that we have on sale.  

Traditionally a showroom allows you to view the different products available, to touch and feel, and finally, to ask a sales consultant for advice. Whether you decide to buy online or directly from our warehouse, our business furniture experts are always on-hand to provide advice and to assist you in making the choice that is best for you.

“Visit our Johannesburg showroom where our qualified Office Ergonomics Risk Facilitators will assess your seated posture. Based on their assessment, they will then assist you in selecting the correct office chair, desk and other accessories that best suits your needs, and your budget.”  

study chairs for sale from Karo
Karo office chair factory and showroom in Spartan, near Johannesburg, where we have an extensive range of products available for sale

1. What to bring when visiting our office chair showroom in Johannesburg

In our showroom located in Spartan near Johannesburg, we have many ergonomic office chairs, plus desks, monitors, keyboards, etc.. This allows our Ergonomics Risk Facilitators to make a thorough analysis of how you normally sit at your workstation. However, to assist us in this process and to make your visit to our showroom a real success, it is important that you have the following information available:

a) The height of your work surface at home or at the office

Measure the height of your desk, table, workbench, etc, from the floor to the top of the working surface. We will then set up one of our desks to match the height of your actual workstation.

b) Laptop or desktop computer

If you work on a laptop without a monitor, bring it with you. This will allow us to duplicate your current workstation setup and determine whether you need additional accessories like a wireless keyboard, monitor stand, etc.

c) What shoes do you normally wear?

Your footwear can influence the optimal setup of your workstation, so wear the shoes that you normally wear to work.

d) Do you wear glasses?

If so, bring them along so that we can ensure the monitor is placed at the correct distance for you.

Note 1: Reading glasses work best for shorter distances and may not be ideal for regular computer use. If you experience eye strain, blurred vision, tired eyes, or difficulty focusing on the screen, then chances are you may need computer glasses.

Note 2: Our Johannesburg office chair showroom is located on the first floor, so if you should be in a wheelchair or are unable to climb stairs, don’t worry. We will bring everything down to the ground floor!

study chairs and makro office furniture for sale from Karo in Johannesburg
At our showroom in Johannesburg, we display all the ergonomic office chairs that we have for sale

2. Visiting our office chair showroom in Johannesburg

  • Based on the answers to the above questions, our ergonomics experts will set up a desk or table that matches your existing workstation. They will then complete a series of measurements to analyse your seated posture. Finally, they will set up an ergonomic workstation that correctly matches your body.
  • You will then have the opportunity to test various office chairs, desks and other accessories that we have on sale. You can see functional demonstrations of products that can’t be conveyed by pictures or online. Test. Feel. Touch.
  • Our qualified personnel will show you the differences between the various office chairs, what features are important for you, and what makes one chair better than the next. They will assist you in selecting the particular chair, desk, etc. that best suits your needs, preferences and of course, your budget.
  • Bring your questions! We are here to provide the information and resources you’ll need to make the right choices for you.
  • Having the option to place yourself in the midst of the products in real conditions will assist you in making the best decision.
  • Even if you have a good idea of what you want, a showroom gives you the opportunity to not only see the products you have in mind, but also to explore other options. This will either cement your ideas, or present new ones for you to consider.
  • After visiting our Johannesburg showroom, many people have a different and more accurate idea of what office chairs they need for their home and/or work office.
  • Finally, when you are satisfied with the setup and product selection, we will quickly prepare a quote for you so that you have all the information necessary to make the right decision.
workplace assessment at Karo
George Mashinini, Office Ergonomics Risk Facilitator at Karo conducting a seating assessment

3. The benefits of visiting our office chair showroom in Johannesburg

By visiting our showroom in Johannesburg, you will not only have the benefit of an expert correctly assessing your seated posture, but you will also have the opportunity to test the ergonomic office chairs that we have on sale. Who are the best suppliers of office chairs near me?

Based on their assessment, they will be able to recommend an office chair and workstation setup that best suits YOU. In addition, visiting our showroom will assist you to find the best visitors chairs for your office.

See, feel, touch and test the products. Even if you have seen the catalogue or pictures on our website, nothing beats a real test-drive! Mid Back or High Back Chair? Which one is best for you?

To ensure that the appropriate professional is available in the showroom to attend to you, please contact us to make an appointment.

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