When we first meet with a prospective client, a question that is often asked by the prospect is….”why should I buy an office chair from Karo?” We offer a broad range of office chairs from something ‘cheap‘, all the way to highly sophisticated ergonomic chairs, and to make it easy for you, they are all available to buy online and we will ship them to any location in South Africa, free-of-charge!

There are so many suppliers of office furniture around, so what makes us different to our competitors? Does Karo offer business furniture solutions that give us the edge over our competitors? 

What will convince you that buying an office chair from Karo is the right decision for you?

Why buy an office chair from Karo?

We could answer the question by saying, for example, that we offer great service, or that the quality of our products is superb, or our prices are better than the competition, or that we have been manufacturing chairs for many years.

However, all these, and any similar statements, firstly sound arrogant, and secondly, most of our competitors would probably say either the same, or something very similar!

As a prospective customer looking for office chairs for sale, such clichés will, in all likelihood, not help you achieve your objective, namely, you want to ensure that when you buy an office chair, it is the RIGHT product for YOU!

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Why should you buy an office chair from Karo?

Simply saying that we are better than our competition is both a cliché and meaningless.

When you decide to buy an office chair, our primary role is to assist you in the buying process so that you can make an informed and correct product choice. We want to ensure that if you are buying an ergonomic office chair online for shipment anywhere in South Africa, your ‘buying journey’ is a smooth and satisfying one. What is an ergonomic chair?

We also don’t discriminate, and apply the exact same principle if you buy a cheap office chair! Do modern mesh back office chairs give you the best back support?

To do so, we must first understand exactly what your requirements are. This is critical and requires answers to some essential questions, for example:

Once we understand YOUR requirements, then and only then will we be able to propose various solutions that meet YOUR needs.

Our business objective is to help you buy the right office chair, whether it is a cheaper one or a highly sophisticated ergonomic one. Cheap office chairs – what do they REALLY cost me?

There may well be instances where we cannot provide you with a suitable solution. If this is the case, then it will make sense that you do not purchase a chair from us, and we will understand and support you in this decision. Just like you, what we do not want is to get involved in a business transaction that isn’t right for us. 

Why you shouldn’t purchase an office chair from Karo

To not waste YOUR time, there are a few instances when you should not consider buying an office chair from Karo. These include if you:

    • Need a chair that is highly specialised, for example, a saddle chair, specialist medical chair or a chair suitable for small children.
    • Have an extremely limited budget. At Karo, we do not have a range of chair solutions that address the true budget-end of the market.
    • Need the chair “instantly”. Although we do carry a huge range of chairs in stock, if you live in an area further away from our factory, we may not be able to deliver the chair in the time frame that you require.

Getting back to your original question, “why should I buy an office chair from Karo?” We can only answer that question once we understand your needs and have determined whether we are able to provide a solution that best meets your seating requirements. 6 Factors to consider before you buy a new office chair.