Karo’s Free-Float mechanism is the ‘heart’ of all our Orthopedic office chairs. What is an orthopedic chair?

The free-float swivel & tilt mechanism allows you total freedom to adjust the backrest and seat of your office chair in a position that best suits your body. Breaking Back – What actually happens when you sit?

With a free-float office chair mechanism, the angle and height of the backrest, as well as the seat inclination can all be adjusted independently from each other.

What is the difference between office chair mechanisms?

A Free-Float mechanism has the following ergonomic benefits:

  • Independent Adjustment. The backrest position can be adjusted independently of the seat tilt angle.
  • The seat angle can be set at a negative tilt (forward sloping), to create an ‘open’ angle at the hips of approximately 100 degrees. This ‘open’ angle is regarded as the ideal ergonomic seated angle – see The Perfect Ergonomic Office Setup for more information.
  • Dynamic back support. In the free-float position, the chair is dynamic and the backrest provides continual back support by remaining in contact with your back and moving with you.
  • Tension Adjustment. A tension adjuster allows you to adjust the amount of tension required to suit your body weight.
  • Locked or Free-Float. You can lock the movement of both the seat and the backrest independently and in any position, or allow them to free-float.
free-float mechanim on orthopaedic chair
medical orthopedic chairs help with sciatica
Free-float chair mechanism on Wellback 300