Free-Float Mechanism

Karo’s Free-Float mechanism is the ‘heart’ of all our Orthopaedic Form-type task chairs.

The free-float swivel & tilt mechanism includes the following ergonomic benefits:

  • Independent Adjustment. The backrest position can be adjusted independently of the seat tilt angle.
  • The seat angle can be set at a negative tilt (forward sloping), to create an ‘open’ angle at the hips of approximately 100 degrees. This ‘open’ angle is regarded as the ideal ergonomic seated angle – see The Perfect Ergonomic Office Setup for more information.
  • Dynamic back support. In the free-float position, the chair is dynamic and the backrest provides continual back support by remaining in contact with your back and moving with you.
  • Tension Adjustment. A tension adjuster allows you to adjust the amount of tension required to suit your body weight.
  • Locked or Free-Float. You can lock the movement of both the seat and the backrest independently and in any position, or allow them to free-float.

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