Office Chairs with an Automatic Self-Adjusting Tension Mechanism

Ergonomic and orthopedic office chairs come equipped with either a synchronous or free-float tilt mechanism, enabling you to lean backward and alter the angle between the backrest and the seat, thereby promoting dynamic sitting. The tilting action is typically governed by a spring within the tilt mechanism, and by adjusting the tension in this spring, the backrest’s tilting motion, or resistance, can be modified. It is crucial to calibrate the spring tension to match the individual occupying the chair. A larger person may need increased tension to add rigidity to the backrest movement, while a smaller, lighter individual may require decreased spring tension. Depending on the type of tilt mechanism, adjustment of spring tension is done either manually or automatically. Manual adjustment involves turning a handwheel located beneath or to the side of the chair, while self-adjusting tension mechanisms automatically adapt the spring tension based on the user’s weight.

In situations where multiple individuals will be using the same office chair throughout the day, a chair with a manual tension adjustment knob might be inconvenient and time-consuming. In such cases, it is advisable to opt for a chair featuring an automatic self-adjusting tension mechanism. This mechanism automatically customises the backrest resistance according to the user’s body weight, facilitating a swift and effortless transition between different users.

The following office chairs are fitted with an automatic self-adjusting tension mechanism:

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