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The manufacture of high quality office and casino chairs requires advanced automation. At Karo, we use a computer-controlled automated fabric cutting machinery to cut all upholstery fabric, vinyl and leather.

In our quest for continual improvement, our hi-tech computer controlled Gerber fabric cutter is used to accurately cut all upholstery material. Manufactured in the USA, this automated cutting system is generally acknowledged to be among the best available. The complex system firstly uses sophisticated software to optimise the nesting of upholstery panels. Once the nesting is complete, the upholstery material is placed on the cutting table where a powerful vacuum holds the material firmly in place before being cut by a high-speed precision cutting wheel.

With automated fabric cutting, the integrity of the ensuing sewing and upholstery processes is dramatically improved, thereby enhancing the overall quality of our chairs and stools. Of particular importance for those customers that upholster their chairs with a striped or patterned fabric, we are able to use the system’s database to accurately record how a specific upholstery fabric was originally cut, thereby ensuring that even years later, subsequent orders are upholstered to exactly match the original.

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