What is the correct ergonomic height for my desk, computer monitor and office chair?

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Time and again we get asked the same question….“what is the correct ergonomic height setting for my office chair?” The answer is not that simple because it depends on two main factors, namely your height, and the type of work that you do. Because every person and their job environment is unique, the correct height for your desk, monitor and office chair will fall within a range of values.

The correct ergonomic chair, desk and monitor height for office work

If you work at a desk doing ‘normal’ or ‘standard’ office work like writing or working on a computer, then the following guidelines are applicable for setting the correct ergonomic height for your office chair, desk and monitor.

correct height settings for office chair

Whether you are standing or sitting, adjust the desk, office chair and monitor so that it is at a comfortable ergonomic height. Find out whether it is good to alternate between sitting and standing at work.

Every person is unique and the height ranges shown in the table below should serve as a starting point. Why is a fully adjustable office chair so important?

Your height with shoes (cm)Desk height -seated (cm)Chair seat height (cm)Monitor height – seated (cm)Desk height – standing (cm)Monitor height – standing (cm)
Correct ergonomic desk, monitor and office chair height ranges for common office work

Work surface height settings for other (non-office) work

If you do non-office work at a desk or workstation, then the above height ranges may not apply. For example, precision assembly or laboratory work typically requires a higher work surface, and heavy assembly a lower one.

correct height settings for work benches

Contact our Ergonomic Risk Facilitators who will gladly assist you in setting the correct height for your office chair, desk and monitor.

Published: 20 April 2021

Author: Mike Karle

Director at Karo Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd

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