Slay Study Sessions & Save Your Spine: Why an Ergonomic Study Chair Matters

The way we work and study at home has changed, and we need to adapt to the 'new normal'.

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An ergonomic study chair and desk are no longer optional....they are essential!

Conquering exams shouldn't mean conquering chronic pain. Cramming for finals with a bad back? Textbooks feeling heavier than ever thanks to neck and shoulder woes? Look no further than the ultimate weapon in your academic arsenal: a killer ergonomic study chair. Choosing the right study desk and chair is an investment in your health and ultimately, your academic performance. Whether you're a dedicated student yourself or looking out for the wellbeing of your child at university, a proper study table and chair is essential. What is an ergonomic chair? 

Sure, a comfy study chair might seem like a luxury, but skimping on ergonomic support is a recipe for disaster for students who spend hours glued to their desks. Enter Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) – the silent assassins that creep in thanks to poorly designed study chairs. Features that Affect the Price of Ergonomic Office Chairs

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MSDs: The Bane of Binge Studying

MSDs are a group of villains targeting your body's movement system – muscles, tendons, ligaments, the whole crew. Sitting on a crappy chair at an unsuitable table for extended periods puts immense strain on these guys, potentially leading to these study session spoilers:

  • Backstabbing Back Pain: A whopping 74% of university students experience lower back pain – often thanks to an unsupportive study chair that strains muscles and misaligns your spine. Ouch!
  • Neck & Shoulder Pain: Poor posture from a bad study chair can turn your neck and shoulders into battlegrounds, leading to pain, stiffness, and headaches. Over time, your range of motion might shrink, and pain can radiate down your arms – not exactly ideal for taking notes.
  • Carpal Tunnel Terror: This condition brings numbness, tingling, and weakness to your hand and wrist. While not solely caused by posture, research suggests ergonomically incorrect study chairs can contribute, especially when combined with repetitive typing marathons.
  • Poor circulation: Sitting for long periods without proper leg support can restrict blood flow, leading to fatigue and discomfort.
  • Fatigue: A study published in the journal Physical Therapy Science found that participants who sat in ergonomic chairs reported significantly less fatigue than those in standard chairs.
  • Decreased concentration: Discomfort and pain can make it difficult to focus on your studies.
a good study desk and chair can save you back
An ergonomic study chair like the Leila can save your spine and protect your back!

MSDs: More Than Just Physical Pain

The struggle with MSDs goes way beyond feeling achy. Here's how they can wreck your academic dominance:

  • Focus Fumbled: Pain and discomfort are distracting, making it hard to concentrate on conquering concepts and retaining information.
  • Productivity Plummeting: MSDs can make sitting on a poorly designed chair for long periods an absolute nightmare, hindering your ability to power through study sessions or ace those exams.
  • Healthcare Havoc: Left untreated, MSDs can require physical therapy, medication, or even surgery, putting a major dent in your wallet....and study time!

Level Up Your Studies with a Killer Ergonomic Study Chair

A proper ergonomic chair is your ultimate weapon against MSDs and a guaranteed investment in your health, focus, and academic success. Here's how it empowers you:

  • MSD Blocker: Proper lumbar support, adjustability, and good posture encouragement in an ergonomic study chair significantly reduce your risk of MSDs.
  • Comfort Champion: A comfy ergonomic study chair lets you focus on slaying your studies, not on aches and pains.
  • Productivity Powerhouse: By minimising discomfort and fatigue with an ergonomic study chair, you can conquer longer study sessions and dominate those exams.
  • 10 Important Features of a Good Study Chair

Power Up Your Study Space: 9 Tips for Exam-Crushing Efficiency

  1. Go Ergonomic! This applies beyond just your study desk and chair. Consider a monitor stand or adjustable desk to keep your screen at eye level.
  2. Keep Moving! Schedule short breaks to stand up, stretch, and get your blood flowing.
  3. Handheld Devices with Care: If using a tablet or phone while studying, hold it comfortably to avoid neck strain. 
  4. Get Organised! A clutter-free desk reduces stress and helps you focus on the task at hand.
  5. Light it Up... Naturally! Maximise natural light whenever possible. When using artificial light, opt for a bright, adjustable desk lamp. Research has shown that being exposed to natural light improves your mood and morale, decreases anxiety, and helps concentration.

6. Let Nature In! If feasible, position your study table and chair near a window to benefit from natural light and calming views. 

7. Quiet Please! Whether it’s barking dogs, Hadedas, a busy street, noisy neighbours or a house full of lively people, finding a quiet space might feel impossible. Consider getting noise cancelling headphones to block out distractions. Alternatively, consider moving your study into the garden or even in a tree-house!

8. Add Some Colour! Studies show colour can influence mood and focus. Surround yourself with colours that energise or soothe you, depending on your study needs.

9. Make the Most of Your Space! Choose a study table and chair that fits your proportions and maximise your study area efficiently.

When using a mobile device, most people slouch over a tiny screen and use their thumbs to type. This unnatural posture can result in high forces and pain, particularly the neck and shoulders.

A final word on your study chair...

Taking care of your body is the ultimate study hack! Browse our selection of ergonomic study chairs online or visit one of our retailers to find the perfect fit for your study space. Slay your studies, not your spine!

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