Small home office ideas – Would you work in a tree house?

If multiple people are working from home, one of the biggest challenges is finding a suitable workspace for everyone.

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Fast forward to 2022 where many of us still find ourselves working from home as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. 5 Tips for working from your home office during COVID-19. This pandemic will forever affect the way some businesses operate. While some companies have announced that full-time office employment will no longer be a part of their operations, others have taken a hybrid approach where employees work from home and the office in an alternate manner. 5 Requirements for Hybrid Work. Working from a small home office, whether full-time or part-time, requires innovative ideas to ensure that you remain productive and that your health and wellbeing is not compromised.

If multiple people are working from home, one of the biggest challenges is finding a suitable workspace for everyone. Even if you have a spare room to convert into a home office, there may still be distractions that prevent you from working effectively. Children, washing machines, pets, TV and preparing meals are just some of the distractions that can reduce your effectiveness and cause additional stress while working from home. 9 Great ideas for your small home office.

Small Home Office Ideas - The Garden Office

Have you ever considered working from home in the peace and quiet of your garden? Not only does a garden office give you a professional edge over a location inside your house, but it also keeps your home and work life separated. A garden office can be much quieter than inside your home, and the tranquil environment with a visual link to nature can reduce stress and improve productivity. How to deal with stress at work. This brings me to my question….

Would you work in a Tree House?

I recently had the opportunity to meet with Alan, a Civil Engineer from Gauteng. Alan considered numerous ideas for his small home office, but finally settled on a tree house! This is his story.

During the Covid lockdown, Alan and his wife Debbie, an online English teacher and textbook author, had to continue their daily work responsibilities. This was not an easy task for either Debbie or Alan as their two teenage kids were simultaneously being home-schooled. Fortunately for Debbie, their garden shed was easily converted into office space where she could continue her online teaching. With no spare rooms to convert into office, Alan had to work from their dining room table where he had to endure many distractions. This was very difficult, especially during online meetings. He needed his own private space so he could conduct an online meeting in a professional manner. After a week of working at their dining room table, Alan capitulated. He needed his own quiet space in which to work!

The Tree House

small home office ideas - work in a tree house

Fortunately for Alan, his kids had a tree house in their backyard which was soon converted into an office. Nestled amongst trees and aloe plants, with many windows and a patio overlooking the garden, I immediately felt the calm and serenity during the short the time I spent visiting Alan in his tree house office.

I was amazed at his office setup that included power, WiFi, large windows to maximise the natural light, and even a clock! Alan went with a minimal yet functional desk and home office chair, which gave the room a spacious feel to it.

The initial move to the tree house still had many distractions, but once Alan’s working hours and rules were established, it became easier for him to separate his work and home life. Alan’s favourite aspect is that his home life is only a few steps away….

small home office ideas - work in a tree house
small home office ideas - work in a tree house

There are some great advantages of why you should consider working from your garden office, however there are also some disadvantages.

Small Home Office Ideas - Advantages and Disadvantages of working from a Garden Office


  • Reduced travel time
  • More family time
  • Separation of home and work life
  • Keeping your home more organised as work items will be stored out of sight
  • Creates a more professional atmosphere for meetings
  • Less noise and distractions
  • Improved concentration, not only from fewer distractions, but you can also customise your garden office with your own décor and colours to channel your inner calm and mood
  • Being closer to nature helps to relax your mind, improve efficiency, and reduce anxiety, stress and fatigue.
  • It may even increase the value of your property!


  • Setup cost. This includes but is not limited to the actual structure, insulation, weather-proofing, lights, power supply, security, WiFi connectivity, etc
  • A desk and a comfortable ergonomic home office chair are crucial elements when setting up your garden office as it can have a significant impact on your long-term health and wellbeing
  • Space limitations may impact ergonomic office design
  • Access to bathroom and kitchen
  • Impact of bad weather on office noise and access
  • Physical space within your garden
  • Possible Council planning requirements

Other Small Home Office Ideas

Not everybody has a tree to set up a tree house office! Also, it may not even be of interest to you as styles and design elements vary from person to person. There are many other inspirational garden office structures to choose from, such as:

    • Garden Office Pods 
    • Wendy Houses
    • Garden Sheds
    • Green houses
    • Converted garage
    • An outside room added onto your house.
Small home office ideas include garden pods


In conclusion, you’ll most certainly reap the benefits of working in the peace and quiet of your garden office. According to scientific evidence, being in nature has a significant, and positive impact on our brains behaviour. It may reduce anxiety and tension whilst also increasing our attention capacity and creativity.

While there are many creative ideas for establishing a small home office, one in the garden should not be excluded. A garden office allows you to drop the frantic mornings and expensive rental prices in favour of a leisurely 30-second stroll across the garden. Saying goodbye to commuting also means extra time to dedicate to yourself and your family!

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