Ergonomic Chairs in South Africa: Choosing Your Ideal Seat

There are many options available, but what is an ergonomic office chair? What features must it have? How do you make the right choice?

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In the bustling marketplace of South Africa, a vast array of ergonomic office chairs beckons, promising to revolutionise the way you work. But what exactly defines an ergonomic chair, and how can you navigate this sea of options to select the one that perfectly aligns with your needs?

An ergonomic office chair is a specialised chair designed to provide optimal comfort and support for individuals who spend extended periods working at a desk or in an office environment. These chairs are meticulously crafted to promote good posture, reduce discomfort, prevent musculoskeletal issues, and enhance overall wellbeing.

1. What does "Ergonomic" actually mean?

Office ergonomics encompasses the thoughtful design and configuration of office equipment to seamlessly accommodate the needs of its users. This holistic approach ensures that essential elements such as chairs, desks, monitors and keyboards are meticulously crafted and arranged to minimise or eliminate the risk of users experiencing undue fatigue, stress, or injury. Sometimes known as human factors engineering, office ergonomics represents a commitment to optimising workplace conditions for enhanced worker comfort, productivity, and wellbeing. Discover the best practices for ergonomics in the workplace.

Ergonomic office chairs are finely tuned to provide:

  • Comfort: Whether you are working, gaming or simply relaxing, the cushioning, swivel mechanism, armrests and other materials used in ergonomic chairs ensure you remain comfortable throughout the day.

  • Support: These chairs are designed to cradle your body and provide support to key areas, such as your lumbar region, shoulders and neck.

  • Posture Perfection: Maintaining proper posture is a breeze with ergonomic chairs, reducing the risk of musculoskeletal issues.

  • Enhanced Wellbeing: By minimizing discomfort and promoting good posture, ergonomic chairs contribute to your overall health and wellbeing.

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Ergonomic office chairs
bad ergonomic office chair

“Computers and related products, such as computer desks and chairs, are often the focus of ergonomic design. Many people use these products for extended periods during their normal working day. If they are poorly designed or incorrectly adjusted, they can have a detrimental impact on the person using them.”
The consequences of sitting on the wrong chair.

2. How does Ergonomics relate to sitting and your office chair?

At the beginning of the last century, people realised that the wellbeing and efficiency of employees could be improved, and fatigue reduced, if workers were allowed to sit down while performing their tasks. This contributed to the study of ergonomics and a focus on designing chairs for work. According to one international studyoffice workers spend 75% of their waking hours sitting down, so it’s little wonder that sedentary workers experience all sorts of health ailments! How to Protect Your Health in the Age of the Office Chair.

Unfortunately, our bodies are not designed for sitting, and doing so for long periods can have a negative impact on our long-term health and wellbeing

According to Better Health (Vic), the most common health-related issues caused by sitting for extended periods include: 

3. How does Ergonomics effect the selection of your office chair?

Ergonomic chairs sold in South Africa are designed to suit a range of people. However, there is no guarantee that they will suit any one person in particular, in other words, there is no, and never will be, a one-size-fits-all.

A chair becomes ergonomic only when it specifically suits a worker’s size (body dimensions), their particular workstation, and the tasks that must be performed – CCOHS 

a. Your body shape and size

We are not all the same height, we do not weigh the same, our arm and leg lengths are different, and so the list goes on. With this in mind, purchasing a chair for yourself becomes a very personal thing as the chair needs to meet your physical requirements. As an example, if you are “big and tall”, a heavy duty chair may be more suitable for you. Best Office Chairs for Tall People – A Comprehensive Guide. Conversely, people with a petite build have different requirements when selecting an ergonomic office chair. Choosing the Right Office Chair for Short People

Not only must the chair match your physical size and shape, but it should also take into account any special requirements that you may have.

For example, are you suffering from lower back pain, muscle strains, tendonitis, etc? Does the chair suit these particular needs? Do you require a heavy-duty or an Orthopedic office chair?

What is a heavy-duty orthopedic chair?

b. Workstation setup

Your workstation is critical when selecting a chair. How high is the workstation? Can the chair be adjusted accordingly? Is there sufficient space below the desk or table to accommodate your legs? Can you place for feet in a comfortable position? Is your movement restricted? What is the correct height for my desk, computer monitor and office chair?

c. The Task you Perform

What work do you perform at your workstation? For example, will the chair be used in an officelaboratory or factoryhome office or for gaming? Will it be used by a single person or will there be multiple users? What desk or table will be used? Do you have to perform physically demanding tasks like lifting objects at your workstation? 

Only once you understand your physiological shape and size, workstation setup, and finally the task that you need to perform, can you select the correct office chair.

Ergonomic office chairs in South Africa and elsewhere, are adjustable and are designed to accommodate most people, viz. 90% of the population. The shortest and tallest 5% of people may need custom-made chairs. When it comes to chairs, there is no one-size-fits-all.

When it comes to ergonomic office chairs on sale in South Africa, look for ones that have multiple adjustable features.

aragon thunder gaming chair
Gaming Chair

Gaming Chair or Office Chair?

Recently, gaming chairs have become very popular, with many people regarding them as the "Holy Grail". But is this the case? Is a gaming chair really better than an ergonomic office chair? ChairsFX presents an in-depth analysis and conclude that:

".....Dynamic neutral sitting remains the ergonomic standard for healthy computing over long hours. To support this method, ergonomic chairs and gaming chairs are both great options."

Ergonomic Chair

4. Features that SHOULD be found on every ergonomic office chair for sale in South Africa

features of ergonomic office desk chairs for sale in south africa include adjustable armrests, seat and backrest angle, and fully adjustable lumbar support

Remember: An office chair becomes ergonomic only when it specifically suits a person’s size (body dimensions), their particular workstation, and the tasks that they have to perform.

Use our CHAIR SELECTOR to help you choose an ergonomic chair!

With all the possible adjustments, there is a chance that the chair may be setup incorrectly. Unless you have some prior knowledge, correctly setting up a chair that has all the adjustable features like seat height, backrest height, backrest angle, lumbar support, seat depth, armrests, etc, can be quite daunting. The Perfect Office Chair and Desk Setup

5. Ergonomic office chairs for Sale in South Africa from Karo


An ergonomic chair stands out as a purposefully crafted seating solution with a primary goal of delivering utmost comfort and support during extended periods of work, ultimately fostering proper posture and diminishing the likelihood of discomfort or injury. These chairs are meticulously designed, incorporating a range of features, to precisely cater to the demands of individuals who find themselves engaged in lengthy desk-bound activities.

In order to pinpoint the most suitable ergonomic office chair amidst the plethora available in South Africa, it is imperative to possess a fundamental understanding of office ergonomics. The chair must boast the requisite adjustment features necessary for harmonising with your unique workspace configuration. It’s important to note that the true benefits of a high-quality chair can only be harnessed when it is finely tuned to meet your specific ergonomic requirements.

Get professional help to setup your chair if you have an underlying medical condition. An incorrectly adjusted chair may aggravate the condition, or cause additional complications.

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