How to choose the right office chair supplier

how to choose the right office chair

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Does your office chair supplier understand what you really need, or is he simply trying to sell you the chair that earns him the biggest commission? Are you only looking at the price of the chair….a rookie, and potentially costly error! Whether or not you’re using the right office chair has a significant impact on your health and wellbeing, not to mention your productivity. This simple checklist, "The consequences of sitting on the wrong chair", will help you choose the right office chair supplier for your needs….and budget!

FACT: Many people spend more time in front of a computer than they spend sleeping. It therefore makes sense to have an office chair that is comfortable and supportive. Does your supplier understand this?

how to choose the right office chair

A cheaper chair is not automatically inferior – there are a number of factors which can help you choose the right office chair. 8 must have features on a good computer office chair.

The key to choosing the perfect chair lies in striking the right balance between various factors. Is your new office chair a Hit or a Miss?

Factors to help you choose the right office chair supplier

1. Reputation

Selecting the right chair supplier is almost as important as the chair itself. Make sure to choose a reputable chair manufacturer with a proven track record for quality products and excellent after-sales service.

Choosing an office chair from a local supplier with an established national distribution network, ensures that you’ll have easy access to the right parts should anything need to be replaced.

At Karo we have a team of in-house design engineers with over 36 years of experience manufacturing office and casino chairs. Our clients range from huge multi-national organisations to individual buyers. Karo is a South African business furniture specialist with a well-established national and international distribution network.

2. Product quality and warranty

Office chairs are a significant investment. A poor quality chair that needs to be replaced every year or two will quickly become a drain on your budget. The number one culprit for chair breakages is poor quality components and materials. Cheap office chairs – what do they REALLY cost me?

To protect yourself, check the suppliers warranty and backup service. A good office chair should have a 5 year warranty and a top-of-the-range product, 10 years.

On our website, the warranty period for every product is clearly stipulated on each individual product page, and varies up to a maximum of 10 years. Many of our chairs carry international quality and environmental certifications from organisations like BIFMA and SABS.

Unless otherwise specified, our warranty covers products that are used in accordance with standard working office environment usage, namely 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Certain specialised products are excluded from this definition, for example 24/7 Control room chairs where their warranty applies to 24 hours per day, 7 days per week usage. See our Quality Philosophy for details.

3. Is my chair fit for purpose?

Yes, you read that correctly. If you thought all chairs are made equal, think again!

There are all sorts of different chairs for different industries and each is uniquely suited to its specific job. When choosing a chair, you need to consider what you need from the chair.

Understanding which is the best ergonomic office chair for your particular working environment is absolutely critical. Karo offers a wide range of chairs for various different industries, from heavy duty and industrial chairs, to ergonomic, orthopedic, visitors chairs and casino seating.

Visit our showroom or contact one of our specialist Office Ergonomics Risk Facilitators for expert help and advice.

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Chairs with Seat Depth Adjustment (19)

Ergonomic Office Chairs (26)

Gaming Chairs (7)

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Office Chairs with an Automatic Self-Adjusting Tension Mechanism (8)

Orthopedic Office Chairs (5)

Standing Desk (1)

Training Room Chairs (4)

Visitors Chairs (2)

4. Does your chosen office chair supplier provide product training?

The wrong chair or one that is incorrectly adjusted, can lead to serious health-related issues. Does your chosen supplier include product training to ensure that the chair works correctly for YOU?

Protecting your health in the age of the office chair is not a frivolous statement.
It's critical.

On our website we have an extensive Knowledge Center that includes many articles on protecting your sitting health. Furthermore, our YouTube channel includes many short videos on how you correctly use and adjust your new office chair.

Contact one of our specialist Office Ergonomics Risk Facilitators for expert help and advice.


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