Selecting a new office chair – a Hit or a Miss?

fully adjustable armrests for office chairs

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How do you go about selecting a new office chair when there are so many options available? With considerations like price, style, ergonomics, overall comfort, and quality, it’s not always a clear-cut choice. There is an overflow of office-chair reviews online – hardly surprising, considering the impact that a chair can have on your muscles, bones, and vascular health.

Making the Choice Usually Comes Down to Price and Style.

Generally, when we’re choosing a new office chair (especially in large corporations), we select a uniform, professional-looking, affordable option. However, we can all attest to the fact that trying to please everyone, is simply not possible. What are the important considerations? Factors that influence the price of an ergonomic office chair in South Africa.

The comprehensive guide on how to select a new office chair

1. Sitting in Style

Looks don’t have to come before comfort. With new manufacturing technologies and sustainable materials, style and elegance shouldn’t impact on comfort or quality. Modern, minimalist office chairs are popular, but how you can tell the difference between one chair and the next? See if you can answer "YES" to these questions:

If your selected chair ticks too many “NO” boxes, you may want to rethink your approach to office-chair selection.

2. Selecting an office chair for comfort

Like cars, the best office chairs come with a wide range of ergonomic adjustability options and can retail at anything from R2000 – R15000. Perhaps you don’t need to select a Rolls Royce office chair, but what is critical, recommended and optional?

Feature What is it for? Importance
Adjusts the chair height in relation to your workstation
Lightweight Build
Light, strong materials help you to move more freely and change position without straining your body.
Stable 5-Star base
We all know the pain of sitting in a chair with a wheel that’s fallen off, or a broken support beneath the seat.
Stable movement & easy manoeuvrability
Reduced rolling resistance allows for freer movement that does not cause strain on any muscle from rolling, pushing, or moving your chair.
Changing the support on your lumbar spine can be the difference between back pain and a productive workday.
Highly recommended
An office chair which permits the backrest and seat to move relative to each other increases the muscular movement in your back and core. This prevents stiffness and pain in the lower back.
Highly recommended
The mesh should mould to your body for better support and allow a free-flow of air for reduced heat-entrapment. Alternatively, a fully upholstered backrest should provide adequate support your back, particularly in the lumbar area.
Add to your comfort by ensuring your arms are comfortably supported.
Adjustable Headrests
Adjustable headrests allow you to get better support around your head and neck when you recline in the chair.

3. Quality is critical when you select a new office chair

Materials make up the chair. What are you looking for in terms of quality, sustainability, and longevity? 

To ensure the office chairs are still affordable, your selection should strike a delicate balance between these three factors.

  • Top-quality fabrics that are robust and durable
  • Solid mouldings on plastic and aluminium parts
  • Well-crafted edging and joining
  • Firm and durable moulded foam
  • Sustainably produced materials and parts (recycle, reuse)
  • Long-lasting construction to reduce old chairs ending up in land-fill
  • Serviceability and replacement parts available.
  • Reduced wear-and-tear on materials
  • High quality design for reduced chance of failure
  • Warranty for a minimum of 2 years.

Now that you know what to look for when selecting the best affordable office chair, you can start looking with confidence that you’ll come out with the best office-chair option available.

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