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Here are companies other than Karo, that have a solid history in the office chair industry in South Africa.

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Karo has been manufacturing and selling office chairs to retailers, designers, architects and more recently, the public, since 1986. Our factory and showroom has always been based in Johannesburg, and we distribute our products nationally. It is fair to say that we have pretty much ‘seen it all’ in the South African chair industry! Having been in the industry for the last 24 years, I often get asked… “Who are the best suppliers of office desk chairs for home or work, near me?” At Karo, we believe in being blatantly honest and it’s important to us that our customers are as well informed as possible. Here are 4 companies that have products for sale. Can I buy Karo office furniture online and avoid the retailer?

In all cases, these companies have a solid history in the industry and distribute their products nationally.

Office Chair Suppliers

1. Cecil Nurse

Cecil Nurse has been supplying and manufacturing office furniture for over 70 years. They offer a highly diverse office furniture portfolio. They have a national distribution service.

2. Ergotherapy Solutions

“The pain-free, awesome workday you deserve – that’s my guarantee.” – Gary Arenson, Physiotherapist & Founder of Ergotherapy. Based in Sandton, Gary and his team have revolutionised the way chairs are sold with their GET1 range.

3. Makro Office Chairs

A household name in South Africa. Falling under the Massmart management group, Makro is reliant on high volumes and operational excellence. They offer a broad range of office chairs for home and work. What are the 10 important features of a good home office chair?

All furniture and accessories purchased from Makro are typically available for immediate delivery.

4. Waltons

Initially supplying office stationery and work tools, Waltons has evolved over the last 70 years. They now have office chairs for sale together with desks, accessories, cleaning and hygiene products, technology, and stationery. In 1997 Bidvest acquired Waltons and changed its name to Bidvest Waltons.

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