Advantages of a Standing Desk

Using a standing desk can decrease the risk of lifestyle related illnesses and increase our physical wellbeing.

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For most people, a typical desk job constitutes their daily routine, and unfortunately, this often means extended periods of sitting, resulting in significant inactivity during the workday. Our bodies are not naturally built for such prolonged periods of sitting, which can lead to a range of health issues, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and even depression. In recent years, South Africa has witnessed a surge in the popularity of standing desks, which come in various forms, including electronic models and more affordable options like desk sit-stand converters. These innovative workstations are marketed as tools that can help mitigate the health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle while simultaneously improving our physical wellbeing. 10 Things That Happen When You Sit Down All Day. But does this claim hold true, and what are the advantages of a standing desk?

The 7 advantages of a Standing Desk

1. Standing lowers your risk of weight gain and obesity

Weight gain is caused by consuming more calories than you burn. Without doubt, exercise is the most effective way to burn calories. However, as found in studies conducted by Harvard Medical School, simply standing instead of sitting can also be beneficial because the energy consumed during standing is higher than when sitting.

2. Standing may lower blood sugar levels.

Studies show that standing at work can lower blood sugar levels, especially after lunch.

3. Standing may lower your risk of heart disease.

Studies of the effects of continual sitting on heart health have shown that the more time you spend sitting, the greater your risk of developing heart disease.

Typical electronic standing desk
KM003 Sit/Stand Workstation Desk
A typical Sit-Stand Desk Converter

4. An important advantage of using a standing desk is reduced lower back pain

Among office workers who spend extended hours seated, lower back pain ranks as one of the most frequently reported complaints. This issue tends to be more pronounced among taller individuals, who frequently find themselves hunching over their work when using a conventional chair and desk at standard height. Best Office Chairs for Tall People.

Numerous research studies have consistently demonstrated that one of the primary advantages associated with the adoption of a standing desk or a desk converter is the substantial reduction of chronic back pain that results from prolonged sitting. Standing Desks: How They Help You Beat Inactivity

Affordable sit-to-stand and standing desk options are now readily accessible in South Africa.

5. Standing can assist in improving mood and energy levels.

Alternating sitting and standing while you work, or using a desk sit stand converter, appear to have a positive influence on overall wellbeing. Studies have shown that users are less stressed and fatigued compared to those who remained seated the entire working day. Another study found that standing desks can improve mood and energy levels.

6. A standing desk may improve productivity

A common concern about standing at your work surface, is that it reduces productivity. However, studies have shown that alternate sitting and standing has no significant impact on productive output. Bearing in mind that standing improves mood and energy, using a standing desk is more likely to boost productivity rather than hinder it. Ergonomics of a Standing Desk

7. Standing more may help you live longer

Studies have found a link between increased sitting time and early death, which is not surprising given the strong correlation between sedentary time, Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. With the introduction of more affordable sit stand desk options in South Africa, there is no excuse for not reducing your time spent sitting and improving your wellbeing. 

Advantages of a Standing Desk - This is what you can expect:

Improved wellbeing

Standing an hour each day can increase your overall health..

Reduced stress

  Being active reduces stress and makes you more productive.

Reduced back pain

Standing desk users said their back pain has been reduced.

Improved wellbeing

Standing an hour each day can increase your overall health..

Reduced stress

  Being active reduces stress and makes you more productive.

Reduced back pain

Standing desk users said their back pain has been reduced.

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