Where Can I Buy The Best Office Chairs?

where can I buy the best office chairs

You have done your research as to which type of office chair best suits your needs and you are now ready to proceed with the purchase. But now you ask yourself… “where can I buy the best office chairs?”

how to select the best office chairs

To guide you in making the best decision, here are the important selection criteria.

1.  Office Chair Supplier Channels

When you are investing in the purchase of an office chair, you want to make sure that you make the right decision and have no regrets. The question “Where can I buy the best office chairs” will be foremost on your mind. Buyer’s remorse sets in when the chosen supplier turns out to be a bad fit which can be costly to both your pocket and health. By carefully evaluating the different supplier channels selling office chairs, you will be able to avoid buyer’s remorse.

a.  The Physical Store (Traditional Office Furniture Retailer)

What is great?

  • A sales person should be able to assist you with the chair selection process.
  • The store should have a demonstration model available for you test.
  • What you see on the retailer’s floor is what you should be getting.
  • Chairs might be customisable. You might be able to configure the chair to your requirements (upholstery fabric, armrests, type of tilt mechanism, etc).


Potential concerns

  • A physical store might not be available in your area.
  • You might not have the time to go to a physical store.
  • You might feel uncomfortable by the sales person pressuring you to make a purchase decision immediately (the “hard sell”).
  • The store might not have stock of your preferred selection and you will have to wait for your chair.
  • The store usually has limited opening hours which might not suit you.
  • The cost of running a physical store will typically result in higher prices.


b.  The Online Store

What is great?

  • Convenient and easily accessible (no physical store required).
  • No “hard sell” from the sales person pushing you to make a purchase.
  • Lower prices.
  • You can purchase 24/7.
  • No waiting. If the chair is displayed on the portal, it is usually available for immediate dispatch.


Potential concerns:

  • The online portal might not be a reputable supplier.
  • No personal contact to assist with advice.
  • Usually no customisation is possible.
  • Cannot try before you buy.
  • The product that you receive might not live up to your expectations.


2.  Which Supplier Channel suits you?

This is to a large extent a matter of personal preference and depends on your circumstances.  What is important is that you are informed and understand the pitfalls of each channel.

a.  If you are intending to purchase from a PHYSICAL store, then ask yourself:

  • Is the salesperson just trying to sell you the most expensive product that you don’t actually want or even need? If the salesperson’s salary is commission based, this is very likely!
  • Compare prices for the same or similar product in other stores.
  • Are there any negative reviews about the store (e.g. Hellopeter.com)
  • Is the quoted price the final price you are going to pay or do you have to pay extra for delivery?
  • How long will you have to wait for the chair to be delivered?
  • What return policy applies?


b.  If you are intending to purchase through an ONLINE store, then ask yourself:

  • Is the store reputable?
  • How long the company has been in existence?
  • Does the online store also have a physical presence where you can try before you buy?
  • Is there enough information provided to assist you in selecting the right chair?
  • What communication channels are available, for e.g. telephone, email, online chat?
  • Does the store have any negative reviews?
  • Are there any hidden additional costs like delivery?
  • Does the store have a fair return policy?
  • Is information provided on how long delivery will take?
  • Is there an option to collect the chairs?


3.  Conclusion

The answer to “Where can I buy the best office chairs?” requires you to firstly select a preferred sales channel (Physical Store or Online) and then to identify and minimise the possible limitations of that particular sales channel.  Use our chair selection check list to assist you when comparing options.

Checklist – Where can I buy the best office chairs?

Author: Joachim Roetger
Director at Karo Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd


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