Hidden Costs when Buying Ergonomic Office Chairs Online

Beware of the potential hidden costs when you buy ergonomic office chairs online. Avoid the common pitfalls and make a smarter choice.

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Unfortunately, the initial price tag doesn’t always tell the full story and there may be hidden costs when buying office chairs online. From high delivery charges to potential assembly costs, the real cost can often be more than you bargained for!

In this article, I'll guide you through the hidden costs that can sneak up on you when shopping online. Whether you’re setting up a cozy nook in your Cape Town home or revamping a corporate office in Pretoria, I’ll help you navigate these additional expenses so your investment is both comfortable and cost-effective. Let’s dive into understanding how to avoid these pitfalls and make a smarter choice that suits both your budget, and your back.

Identifying the Hidden Costs when Buying Office Chairs Online

1. Delivery Charges

When you are buying office chairs online, arguably one of the biggest hidden costs is the delivery charge. This cost can vary significantly depending on your location. For instance, the cost to ship a chair from a warehouse in Johannesburg to a remote location in Limpopo is considerably higher than delivering within Gauteng. Always check whether the listed price includes delivery, and if not, how much extra you will need to pay. Some retailers use another sneaky trick and only offer free delivery if you spend above a certain amount. 

All Karo ergonomic office chairs are delivered FREE OF CHARGE to any location in South Africa, irrespective of the amount that you spend.

2. Return and Restocking Fees

It's important to understand the return policy when purchasing an office chair online. If the chair doesn’t meet your expectations, returning it might not be as straightforward as you think.

Some suppliers may charge a restocking fee, which is often a percentage of the purchase price. Additionally, if the return policy requires you to cover the cost of shipping the chair back, this can become an expensive endeavor, especially for bulky items like office chairs.

At Karo, we have a 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee. 'No Questions Asked'. See our Returns Policy for full details.

3. Assembly Costs

Not all ergonomic chairs come fully assembled. While some might offer a DIY kit, others may require an assembly service, especially if you are time-poor or product assembly 'isn't your thing'. If the vendor offers an assembly service, this will typically come at an additional cost. Alternatively, hiring a local handyman to do the job could also add to your expenses. 

All Karo ergonomic office chairs are delivered FULLY ASSEMBLED. Simply remove the packaging and start using your chair!

4. Foreign Transaction Costs

This is one of the more subtle hidden costs when buying office chairs online, specifically from retailers located overseas. Be wary of foreign transaction fees on your credit card!

At Karo, there are no additional costs on any product purchased via our online shop. The price you see, is the price you pay.

All Karo chairs are delivered FULLY ASSEMBLED, and DELIVERY IS FREE to any location in South Africa. Simply remove the packaging and start using your chair!

Within the greater Gauteng region, a Karo delivery vehicle will deliver your order. For all other regions, we use a third-party courier service. How does Karo process online orders?

Karo products are delivered fully assembled which avoids one of the common hidden costs associated with buying office chairs online

Evaluating e-Commerce Stores to Avoid the Hidden Costs of Buying Office Chairs Online

1. Understanding Warranties and Return Policies

Always read the fine print regarding warranties and return policies. A robust warranty can offer peace of mind, covering potential defects or issues that may arise with your chair. Knowing the details of the return policy can also safeguard you against unsatisfactory purchases, ensuring you can return the product without excessive penalties.

2. Check the Sellers Google Reviews

Before making a purchase, spend some time reviewing what other customers have to say about the retailer and their products. High ratings and positive reviews typically indicate a reliable seller with good product quality. However, be mindful of non-Google reviews that are overly generic or suspiciously consistent, as they may not be, and often aren't, genuine. 

3. Practical Tips for Assessing Product Descriptions and Specifications

Pay close attention to the product descriptions and specifications. Ensure that the features advertised match your needs, such as adjustable height, lumbar support, and armrests. Check the materials listed to gauge the durability of the chair. If specifications are vague or incomplete, consider contacting the seller for more details before making your decision.


Investing in a quality ergonomic office chair is essential for anyone spending considerable time at a desk, but it's important to be aware of any hidden costs when buying online. By taking into account delivery fees, assembly costs, and the intricacies of return policies, you can make a more informed decision that ensures your investment enhances your productivity and comfort without unnecessary financial strain.

Through careful evaluation and understanding of what you're really paying for, you'll find the right chair that not only supports your back but also respects your budget.

Remember: The cheapest option upfront may not always be the most cost-effective in the long run. Choose wisely to maximise both your comfort and your financial investment.

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