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Mid Back or High Back chair? Does it make a difference? Which one is best for you? Here are 7 questions to help you decide which option is best for you.

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The old office chair debate: mid back or high back chair - which one is better and does it really matter? Yes it does. There are 7 important questions that you need to answer before deciding whether a mid back or high back chair is the right option for your home or work office.

High Back or Mid Back Chair - what is the difference?

The difference between a modern high and mid back office chair is immediately noticeable. 

The single key feature that differentiates a contemporary high back office chair from its mid back counterpart, is the addition of an adjustable headrest.

This inclusion ensures that our executive office chairs are our most comfortable products, with many having a 5 Star Ergonomic Rating.

How do I decide?

To help you decide whether a high or mid back chair is the best option, answer the following 7 questions: 

Question 1.
What is your body shape and size?

We are not all the same height, we do not weigh the same, our arm and leg lengths are different, and so the list goes on. With this in mind, purchasing a chair is a 'personal thing' as it must suit your physical shape and size.

If you are “big and tall”, a high back chair may be more suitable as it provides better upper-back and neck support.

As stated by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safetya chair becomes ergonomic only when it specifically suits a worker’s size, their particular workstation, and the tasks that must be performed.

back pain sitting on an office chair
How to adjust your office chair to prevent back pain

Question 2.
Do you have special requirements?

Not only should the chair match your physical size and shape, but it should also take into account any special requirements that you may have. For example:

    • Are you suffering from back pain, muscle strains or tendonitis? Do you require an Orthopedic chair?
    • Are you "big and tall" or work in a 24/7 call-centre and require a heavy-duty chair?
    • Do you require a chair that provides additional back support?

Question 3.
How many hours per day will you be using the chair?

If you are sitting on the chair for more than 5 hours per day, you require a chair with greater adjustability and support. Furthermore, the chair should be able to recline to allow you to relax, for example while taking a breather or talking on the phone.

The headrest on a high back chair supports your neck and head as you recline and relax in the chair. 

If there is a headrest on your chair, it is more likely you will prop your head on it and refrain from slouching over the keyboard.

home office

Question 4.
How much space do you have in your office?

Do you have a small office or are working from home with limited space? If so, a chair with a huge backrest may be 'overbearing'. In such instances, a mid back chair is usually the better option.

In shared office spaces, mid back chairs are often preferred because they do not obstruct other workers and they allow a better overall view of the office.

Question 5.
Is your chair a status symbol?

The traditional executive chair was reserved for “those at the top”. The bigger the chair, the more senior was your position in the organisation. If you commanded power and authority, then you had the right to sit on a chair with a higher backrest. History of office chairs.

If you need to impress visitors to your office, an executive high back chair is a good starting point.

Commander executive chair
Commander executive chair
Aragon thunder gaming chair
Aragon Thunder Gaming Chair
Aragon Thunder gaming chair
155 degree recline on Aragon Thunder

Question 6.
Are you an avid computer gamer?

If you spend many hours gaming, then a high back gaming chair is certainly the "go-to" option.

Because many gaming chairs recline far backwards, the higher backrest is essential for both support and comfort.

Question 7.
What is your budget?

Last but not least, your budget plays a role. As you would expect, a mid back chair is always cheaper than the equivalent high back option.

However, with most modern ergonomic office chairs, the price difference between the two chair types is marginal, so it should not be the determining factor.   

fenix executive and mid back office chairs
Fenix high back and mid back chairs


An executive high back chair is traditionally aimed at senior people within an organisation. However, these chairs are also perfect for anyone who is:

    • Particularly tall and needs more upper back support.
    • Looking to create a lasting first impression with visitors and clients. Boardroom vs Meeting rooms – what is the right visitors chair?
    • Is "big and tall" or working in a control room or call centre that operates 24/7 and needs a heavy-duty chair.
    • After a stylish and comfortable chair for their work or home office.
    • An avid gamer who wants better back support and likes to recline while playing. 

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