We have a huge selection of office chairs available throughout South Africa. If you purchase furniture directly from us, either online or in-person from our factory and showroom in Johannesburg, we will deliver your FULLY ASSEMBLED chair to any location in South Africa, FREE-OF-CHARGE. Please note that all Karo office chairs purchased from Makro are delivered flat-packed. Makro office furniture Johannesburg may charge you a delivery fee when you purchase a Karo chair via their online portal.

Karo office chairs can be purchased directly from our online shop. If you prefer, a selected range of our office chairs is available on the Takealot and Makro online portals.

Please note: All Karo office chairs sold by Takealot and Makro are not assembled and are delivered flat-packed. Makro office furniture Johannesburg may charge you a delivery fee.

Only chairs bought directly from us are supplied FULLY ASSEMBLED and are delivered to any location in South Africa, FREE-OF-CHARGE.

Why buy Office Chairs from Karo and not Makro?

a. Karo has a huge range of office chairs available online

If you are looking for home or office chairs at a good price, we have the product for you! What is the right home office chair for me? Our huge selection ensures that we will have the right chair for work, gaming or study. Study chairs for sale.

b. Immediate delivery

All products in our online shop are available for immediate delivery and we process all online orders within 1 working day.

c. Extended warranty

The warranty on our chairs is clearly stated on each product page and varies from 2 years to 10 years for our specialist products. If you experience a problem with your purchase, take comfort…..we have been in the office chair business since 1986 and rest assured, we will honour our warranty. How do I choose the best office chair for me? Find out more about our Quality Policy.

d. 14-Day money back guarantee

Not satisfied with your purchase? No problem. Simply return it to us within 14 days for a full refund or exchange. For details, see our Returns Policy.

e. Free delivery throughout South Africa

Yes that’s right….free delivery! Any office chairs purchased online from our macro range of products, will be delivered to any location in South Africa free of charge. Latest Trends in Selecting a Comfortable Office Chair

f. Best prices for Office Chairs

Consider the value that we offer…….fully-assembled and free delivery. We now challenge you to find a selection of office chairs at a better price anywhere in Johannesburg or elsewhere in South Africa, including online at the Makro office furniture store! What influences the price of an office chair?

Visit our Showroom to test-drive our macro selection of office chairs

Our factory and head office is located in Spartan near Kempton Park. We have a broad range of desk chairs for your home or office available for sale directly from our showroom. Our team of highly qualified Office Ergonomics Risk Facilitators are on-site to professionally assess your requirements and assist you in purchasing the chair that best suits your needs. The Perfect Home Office Setup. Makro office chairs.

Test-drive the office chairs in our showroom and find one that best suits your needs….and budget!

Whether you are buying office chairs or other furniture from our showroom in Johannesburg, Makro or any other retailer, make sure that you know how to choose the right ergonomic desk chair.

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