Buying the Right Office Chair Online: A guide to Measuring Yourself

With a few simple body measurements, you can quickly select an office chair online that actually matches your physique.

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When you buy an office chair in-store, by sitting on it and with the guidance of an ergonomics expert, you can quickly verify whether the chair matches your physique. However, you cannot do the same when you are shopping online!

Most office chair websites include various chair measurements and specifications, but how do these relate to your physique? Will the chair fit you? To avoid buying an office chair online that doesn't suit your frame, you need to take a few measurements and check that the chair and your body shape are a perfect match. How Much Should You Budget for an Ergonomic Office Chair?

With a few simple measurements, we will show you how you can quickly select those chairs that match your physique. By doing so, you will ensure that your online chair purchase doesn't end in disappointment! Features that Affect the Price of Ergonomic Office Chairs

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1. Office Chair SEAT HEIGHT Measurement

Proper seat height is important to maintaining good posture, reducing strain on your back and legs, and improving overall comfort. It is essential to verify that the chair's height adjustability range will suit your lower body.

Sit on any chair and measure the length of your leg from the heel to the underside of your thigh, right at the back of your knee.

Now compare this measurement to the height range specified for the chair. Does your lower leg measurement fall within this range?

In the example shown, the lower leg measurement is 48cm. Any chair that has a seat height adjustability range that straddles this measurement will be suitable. The Capri which has a seat height that can be adjusted between 44 and 53cm, will therefore be a good fit.

office chair seat height measurement

In the above example, the individuals bottom-to-back-of-knee measurement is 47cm. After deducting the 3-5cm allowance between the back of the knees and the front edge of the seat, the required seat depth is 42-44cm. The Lynx Office Chair is suitable as it has an adjustable seat depth measurement of 43 to 48cm.

2. Office Chair SEAT DEPTH Measurement

The correct seat depth is important for long-term comfort. You should aim to have a two to three finger gap (3-5cm) between the back of your knee and the front edge of the seat.

To measure seat depth, sit on a chair and place a book behind you to create a flat surface. Now measure the distance from the front of the book to the crease of your knees. This measurement represents the distance from the back of your bottom to the back of your knee.

When choosing an office chair online, you need to allow for the 2-3 finger gap (3-5cm) between the back of your knees and the front edge of the seat. Office Chairs with Seat Depth Adjustment.

3. Office Chair SEAT WIDTH Measurement

The seat width of a chair is important to ensure proper support and comfort.

To correctly measure your required seat width, sit on a measuring tape with one side placed against the widest part of your thighs. Take note of the measurement on the opposite side.

Now compare this measurement with the office chair's specifications and ensure that the seat is wider than your measurement. Avoid selecting a chair with a seat that is too wide as this may result in armrests that are too far apart, thereby decreasing comfort and support.

In the example shown, the individuals required seat width is at least 45cm. A chair like the Yen that has a seat width of 48cm, will be suitable.

office chair seat width measurement
office chair backrest height measurement

4. SHOULDER HEIGHT Measurement

This measurement is only important if you require a chair with a headrest. Its purpose is to ensure that the headrest can be adjusted to correctly support your neck/head. If you do not require a chair with a headrest, then you need not include this measurement.

Although the height of the backrest is a point of concern for many individuals, it is important to note that a chair with a backrest that reaches the top of your shoulders does not guarantee proper support.

To measure your shoulder height, sit on the floor against a wall or door. Place a Post-it-Note at your shoulder height and measure the distance from the floor to the note.

5. Office Chair ARMREST HEIGHT Measurement

Properly adjusted armrests contribute to good posture and alleviate strain on your shoulders and neck.

The armrests should be adjusted to a height that allows your forearms to rest comfortably on the armpads with your elbows bent at about a 90° angle. Your shoulders should be relaxed and not dropping or elevated.

To measure the required armrest height, sit on the floor with your shoulders and arms relaxed. Bend your elbow to a 90° angle. Use a Post-it-Note to mark the position of the underside of your forearm. Now measure the vertical distance from the floor to the marked position.

armrest height measurement

In the above example, the persons required armrest height is 27cm. For optimal support, aim for a chair like the ErgoCurve that allows the armrests to be adjusted within this height range.

How to correctly adjust the height of your OFFICE CHAIR, DESK and MONITOR.


All office chairs have a weight rating which is the maximum user weight they are designed to support. Typically, they are intended for individuals with a weight of up to 120kg, 150kg, or 180kg. The Ultimate Guide to Office Chair Weight Limits.

For warranty and safety purposes, it is important that your weight does not exceed the weight rating of the selected chair. Office Chairs for Individuals above 120kg.

Use our CHAIR SELECTOR to assist you in finding the right chair for you!


Buying the right office chair online requires some understanding of how to measure yourself and compare these measurements with the chair's specifications. Use our CHAIR SELECTOR to assist you in finding the right chair for you!

Avoid the disappointment of purchasing an office chair online that doesn't match your physique!

By taking the time to complete the above measurements, you improve your chances of selecting an office chair that correctly matches your body-shape. Contact us for assistance or more information.

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