MicroDesk reduces strain

25th Jun 2020 in All, Health, Ergonomics
MicroDesk - side view

Karo’s product trainer Ronel Hendry, certified in workplace ergonomics, demonstrates the new MicroDesk to staff at Business Furniture Solutions in Pretoria. The adjustable, dual purpose writing platform and document holder, is the ideal accessory for computer operators.  Because the paperwork is placed in front of the operator, they can read, write and type without strain. […]

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4 years on, Karo’s exclusive chair design for Unilever is still on the shopfloor.

3rd Nov 2019 in All, Chairs, Ergonomics, Quality

Karo’s Idonsa industrial chair solved a problem at Unilever! Unilever’s Indonsa Savoury factory had a recurring and expensive problem: industrial chairs that kept breaking and needed replacing every three months. Their chairs were also failing to meet the necessary hygienic health and safety requirements required in a food producing environment. Furthermore, productivity was negatively affected […]

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Ergonomics 101: is your workspace working for you?

15th Nov 2018 in All, Ergonomics

Work space ergonomics is the science of arranging work spaces so that they suit the people who use them. Here are some expert tips to help you use ergonomics to create a comfortable and productive working environment. You’ve probably heard the word “ergonomics” bandied about the office, but what does it actually mean? Australian ergonomics […]

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