Office Ergonomics: Why it should be a part of the OHSA in SA!

8th Feb 2021 in All

Sitting is not naturally human, but being forced to sit uncomfortably day in and out is simply inhumane. Good office ergonomics together with office ergonomic training have a profound effect on your wellbeing. The benefits of the resultant increase in productivity and reduction in lost work days make economic sense. It should not be left […]

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5 years on, Karo’s exclusive Idonsa chair for Unilever is still on the shopfloor

25th Jan 2021 in All

Karo’s Idonsa industrial chair solved a problem for Unilever South Africa. Unilever’s Indonsa Savoury factory had a recurring and rather expensive problem: their industrial, or factory chairs, kept breaking and needed replacing every three months. In addition, the chairs did not meet the stringent hygiene, health and safety requirements required in a food producing environment. […]

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Checklist for buying the right office chair

25th Apr 2019 in All

Having a checklist for buying office chairs can assist you in purchasing what you really need. In fact, a lot of buyers only compare chairs by price – a rookie (and potentially costly) error. Whether or not you’re using the right office chair has a significant impact on your health, productivity and even your business’ […]

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