What is WorkRite?

Karo’s WorkRite offering provides a holistic solution to your working environment. By incorporating 4 essential steps, we firstly conduct a detailed analysis of your workplace. This initial stage is critical as it highlights your specific needs and operating parameters. For example, are you looking for furniture for a laboratory, office, factory or call centre? How many hours per day will it be used, etc?

Step 2 in WorkRite uses this information to assist us in recommending only those products that best meet your requirements.

Having selected the products, we will then (step 3), provide your staff with the necessary training and knowledge to ensure they utilise the products to achieve the maximum benefit.

Finally, in step 4, we close the WorkRite loop by including resources like after-sales support and finance options, to ensure that your experience exceeds your expectations.

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What to expect from a Workplace Analysis...What to expect from Product Realisation...What to expect from Training...What to expect from Resources...

What to expect from a Workplace Analysis...

  • Workstation Needs Analysis
  • Ergonomic Evaluation & Benchmarking
  • Workstation Impact Assessment
  • Workstation Setup

What to expect from Product Realisation...

  • Product Selection
  • Product Configuration
  • Product Life-Cycle Costing
  • Workstation Setup

What to expect from Training...

  • Workplace Ergonomics
  • Workstation Setup
  • Health & Wellness
  • Product Care

What to expect from Resources...

  • Tender Application & Assistance
  • Finance Options
  • Installation & Waste Removal
  • After Sales Support

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