We’ve launched our Cre8 chair range – these are its features!

8th Nov 2018 in Chairs, News

Cre8 chair by Karo

The launch of our Cre8 chair range has finally arrived and we’re super excited to introduce it to the rest of South Africa. We’ve been working very hard behind the scenes to bring you a well-proportioned ergonomic chair range with a number of functionalities and design concepts.

Designed by Claudio Francesco Bellini, this new chair range has a ton of great features and we’re very happy to share it with you.

The design concept and its performance

The chairs are made up of a colourful Mesh Backrest and Soft Pad designed to give you a comfortable, and ergonomic experience. The optional Soft Pad in the lumbar area provides a comfortable sitting sensation with well-balanced sharp, curving and contour angles designed to give your back the extra support that’s needed.

The Cre8 chair range is characterised by its adjustable 3D armrests and headrest to provide better ergonomic application. The headrest also provides a height adjustment feature to support various body types and sizes. It’s further designed to overlap the backrest and provide ultra support to shorter people.  Its textile combinations make it suitable for any office environment – including the one at home! The 3D armrest is a breakthrough design as it has the following features: 

  • A 9-position height adjustment with an effective stroke of 75mm;
  • A 7-position PU Pad forward and backward adjustment with an effective stroke of 40mm;
  • A 4-position PU Pad left and right adjustment with an effective stroke of 30mm.

Maricelle Gouws, an employee of Spitfire Inbound, says, “The Cre8 chair has changed the way I work! I’m super short and always looking for something to support my back, neck, legs and arms and I definitely found it in this ergonomic chair. No longer will I be using a traditional chair as the Cre8 chair is definitely supporting my whole body and has changed my posture dramatically!”

Posture support and features

According to Healthline, a website supporting health and wellness, “The modern workplace doesn’t invite much movement, and sitting all day can be detrimental to your health. Still, you can do a lot to improve your health just by improving your posture. Investing in a few ergonomically designed products and learning to sit properly can go a long way to reducing wear and tear on your muscles and bones. Over the course of your career, this can really pay off as you avoid injuries, strains, and soreness.”

That’s exactly where the Cre8 chair comes to your rescue! We know you sit at your desk for an average of eight hours per day, so it’s really important for your chair to support these various positions.

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This chair is designed to fully support your body, making your work and lifestyle much more comfortable. The chair uses a synchro and weight-sensitive mechanism to fit your various postures, so leaning back is no longer a problem. The incline lumbar support, 45-degree bevel cut and curving design, provide you with stability and extreme comfort using a back-tilting position.

The material used for our Cre8 chair range

All our chairs are made from environmentally friendly mesh and seat foam creating extraordinary comfort. The added embedded lumbar support seamlessly integrates with the mesh and back frame influencing the overall elasticity of the chair. The gloss white painted plates on the side of the chair makes it much more attractive. The chair is available in three colours including grey, orange and green – for the more daring, contemporary and modern user.

Maricelle continues, “I think the colours are amazing and really brightens up my whole day – not to mention the modern look it adds to my desk – everyone is jealous!”

There’s no doubt about it, the Cre8 chair has transformed the office space and made it a much more comfortable environment. Get your hands on one of these today!

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