Following months of collaboration, Karo are proud to confirm the formation of a strategic alliance with Steelcase, the No.1  Global Brand in the Office Furniture industry.

Karo have commenced the assembly of a range of Steelcase office seating, destined for the South African market.

An excerpt from a Steelcase announcement, states:

“In addition to the very large offering of import products from Europe, Steelcase is now also offering in South Africa, a selection of Best Sellers products that are transformed and assembled locally in Johannesburg.  This provides to our customers various products with a significant local content.  Steelcase has therefore engaged specific steps to support actively the initiative for local South African products”

Being recognised and selected by Steelcase as their preferred local assembly plant, endorses Karo’s unwavering reputation and commitment to exceed customers’ expectations, with regard to quality standards, reliability and service.