Our HAIRDRESSER & DENTIST Stools for sale provide a multi-functional seating solution. These stools offer height-adjustable 360 degree mobility with a moulded Polyurethane seat for extra comfort and support. Ideal for salons, dentist rooms and laboratories, these stools are perfect for any environment that requires a high degree of manoeuvrability

The HAIRDRESSER & DENTIST Stool allows the user to quickly manoeuvre around the work area and also change from a sitting to a standing position as dictated by the working conditions. This improves the overall ergonomics of the workplace and reduces the incidence of worker fatigue, injury and lower back pain.

As with all our seats, the seat foam on the HAIRDRESSER & DENTIST Stool is made from automotive grade MOULDED Polyurethane foam. Manufactured in-house, this CFC-free environmentally friendly manufacturing process ensures that all Karo seats offer greater comfort and durability.

All HAIRDRESSER & DENTIST Stools are supplied standard with a Gas height adjustment to allow the user to quickly and easily adjust the height of the stool to ensure an ergonomically correct sitting posture.

Task chairs and stools need to be manoeuvrable in order to position the chair correctly in front of the workstation, and none more so than the HAIRDRESSER & DENTIST Stool. The HAIRDRESSER & DENTIST Stool is now supplied with low friction castors on a 5-Star Base to reduce rolling resistance and improve manoeuvrability.

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