Transform your World into a more comfortable place with the KaroPlus Lumbar Support Cushion

The KaroPlus Lumbar Support Cushion is specifically designed to improve your sitting posture, whether you’re at home, in the office, or driving.


A lumbar curve subjected to poor posture when sitting, can cause nerve compression, irritation, inflammation and may result in lower back ailments like stiffness, numbness, spasm or tension.

Ergonomically designed to support the lower back and spine, KaroPlus Lumbar Support Cushion positions the spine into proper alignment and relaxes muscles, providing hours of pain-free sitting.

Manufactured from automotive-grade, moulded high density flexible foam, the KaroPlus Lumbar Support Cushion is endorsed by health professionals as “being able to reduce the onset of lower back pain, by helping to preserve lumbar lordosis through encouraging an anatomically correct seat posture”.

Supplied with a convenient, adjustable strap, the KaroPlus Lumbar support cushion can quickly adapt to any seat irrespective of whether it’s in a vehicle, in an office or right at home, offering unsurpassed personalised comfort and support.

The removable, washable cover, made from ‘breathable’ SUPAPORE® fabric is ideal in warm climates, preventing heat entrapment commonly associated with upholstered backrests.

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