SLIMLINE Office Chair Range

The SLIMLINE range of office chairs for sale has set a new benchmark for contemporary office styling in South Africa. With its sweeping curves, sculptured backrest and fabulous looks, the SLIMLINE range provides unparalleled support and comfort at a remarkably good price.

The SLIMLINE’S’ multi-adjustable backrest provides exceptional lumbar support for all day use. The hi- tech design is perfect for Executives, computer- intensive applications or ‘multi-tasking/hot desk’ office environments .

Irrespective of body shape or size, the moulded foam contoured seat and backrest provides superlative comfort throughout the working day.

The contemporary SLIMLINE Range incorporates:

  • An optional headrest, for complete comfort
  • A height adjustable backrest which offers each individual their own comfortable backrest position
  • The seat and backrest foam on the SLIMLINE is made from automotive grade MOULDED Polyurethane foam. Manufactured in-house, this CFC-free environmentally friendly manufacturing process ensures greater comfort and durability.
  • 4-Dimensional , multi-adjustable armrests , namely height, depth and swivel arm cap options, allow for multi-user operation
  • Donati’s latest, full synchro mechanism with side tension adjustment, provides ‘Dynamic Sitting’, long acknowledged to be highly beneficial to both personal comfort and overall well-being, especially during extended periods of sitting

Lower back pain is frequently caused by inactive muscles in the lumbar region of the spine that become fatigued after prolonged periods of sitting. A chair with a fixed seat/backrest angle contributes to this fatigue as it restricts movement and reduces muscular activity in the lumbar area. Dynamic Sitting is facilitated by an office chair which permits the backrest and seat to move relative to each other, thereby increasing muscular movement in the lumbar region and alleviating lower back pain

  • A ‘waterfall’- shaped seat made from automotive-grade moulded Polyurethane foam. Manufactured in-house, this CFC- free, environmentally friendly manufacturing process, ensures greater comfort and durability and demonstrates Karo’s ongoing commitment to ergonomic comfort and environmental sustainability.
  • Class 3 gas height adjustment which quickly and easily adjusts the height of the SLIMLINE to ensure an ergonomically-correct sitting position
  • 680mm black Mercury nylon 5 star base and large 60mm diameter castors for improved maneuverability
  • 5 Year Warranty for total peace of mind
  • Zero use of glue on either seat or back fabric and 95% recyclable components, ensures Karo advances closer to a 100% recyclable chair

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