The SANTO Office Chair Range

The Santo office chair range for sale is one of South Africa’s best loved task chairs that looks great and delivers low cost ergonomically enhanced support and comfort.

The combination of a proven robust design, superb ergonomics and high level of customization, have made the SANTO a long-time popular choice within our range of Executive and Managerial seating. An important design feature of the SANTO is its pronounced lumbar support that is integrated into the backrest shell.

The SANTO incorporates:

The SANTO office chair range is available with a choice of armrests, Synchro mechanisms, and 5-Star bases to suit economic considerations as well as individual ergonomic requirements and aesthetic appeal. By changing the chair’s configuration, the SANTO may be configured from an entry level task chair to a managerial or even an executive chair.

All SANTO Operator’s chairs are supplied either with the entry-level Deluxe synchro mechanism, or alternatively, the Donati frontal pivot synchro mechanism. A Synchro mechanism allows Dynamic Sitting which is acknowledged to be highly beneficial to both personal comfort and overall wellbeing during extended periods of sitting. Dynamic Sitting is facilitated by an office chair which permits the backrest and seat to move relative to each other thereby increasing muscular movement in the lumbar region and alleviating lower back pain commonly associated with long periods of sitting.

The SANTO chair range is available with four Armrest Options to suit individual requirements:

  • Star 3D adjustable Armrests
  • Galaxy Height Adjustable Armrest
  • Triad Armrest
  • Flexible Poly Armrests

As with all our seats, the seat foam on the SANTO is made from automotive grade MOULDED Polyurethane foam. Manufactured in-house, this CFC-free environmentally friendly manufacturing process ensures that all Karo seats offer greater comfort and durability.


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