KYTE 1.2 Office Chair Range

The KYTE 1.2 Range is the latest development in office chairs which combines a stylish mesh backrest with modern chair safety features. Buy the KYTE 1.2 Range for truly unique style and comfort.  The Kyte will complement any office environment in Johannesburg or anywhere in South Africa

The KYTE Range of Executive and Managerial office chairs is Karo’s favourite MESH Design Range that has earned the company an enviable place in the local office chair market. The breathable MESH allows air to naturally flow through the backrest to cool the user and prevent heat entrapment commonly associated with upholstered backrests. This directly improves comfort and levels of concentration, while simultaneously reducing stress levels, irrespective of whether the office is air conditioned or not!
An important design consideration of any MESH back is the level of lumbar support. The unique mesh material used in the KYTE 1.2 has very little ‘give’ or elasticity which provides a substantially higher level of lumbar support.
The KYTE 1.2 range is available with a choice of mesh back rest colours, armrests, Permanent Backrest Contact mechanism or Synchro mechanisms, and 5-Star bases to suit individual ergonomic requirements and aesthetic appeal.

The KYTE 1.2 range is available with a choice 7 different mesh colours for the back rest. Select your preferred colour option from the traditional Black or Grey to the vibrant Blue, Green, Yellow, Maroon or Orange, the choice is yours!

All KYTE 1.2 Executive and Managerial chairs are supplied either with the entry-level Permanent Backrest Contact mechanism, or alternatively, a choice of two SYNCHRO mechanisms. The Permanent Contact mechanism features a fully adjustable ‘spring loaded’ action that allows the backrest to either be in permanent contact with the user’s back, or it may be locked in any position within its travel range. A synchro mechanism allows Dynamic Sitting which is acknowledged to be highly beneficial to both personal comfort and overall wellbeing during extended periods of sitting. The KYTE 1.2 is available with a choice of two synchro mechanisms:
• The base model which has a single position mechanism lock and spring tension adjustment to accommodate different users.
• The top-of-the-range Synchro mechanism with a multiple position lock. This mechanism also includes a side tension adjustment – an ergonomic innovation that allows the tension to be easily adjusted while sitting on the chair!

As with previous evolutions of the Kyte range, the new 1.2 is available with three Armrest Options to suit individual requirements:

  • The standard Trio Armrest
  • The traditional Flexible Poly Armrest
  • The Height Adjustable Armrest.
As with all our seats, the seat foam on the KYTE 1.2 is made from automotive grade MOULDED Polyurethane foam. Manufactured in-house, this CFC-free environmentally friendly manufacturing process ensures that all Karo seats offer greater comfort and durability.

All KYTE 1.2 task chairs are supplied standard with a Gas height adjustment. This allows the user to quickly and easily adjust the height of the chair to ensure an ergonomically correct sitting posture.

Task chairs need to be manoeuvrable in order to position the chair correctly in front of the desk or work station. The KYTE 1.2 Executive and Managerial office chairs are now supplied with extra-large diameter castors on a selection of 5-Star Bases to reduce rolling resistance and improve manoeuvrability.


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