Reaching new heights with the KM003 Sit/Stand Workstation Desk

In the past, the majority of people worked in factories or in fields and spent most of their day standing. In doing so they increased their physical movement during any working day. In today’s world, the majority of people sit and work in front of a computer and there is little reason for anyone to spend prolonged periods of time on their feet. This lack of physical activity directly contributes to modern-day ailments such as obesity, high blood pressure, and back-related problems. The KM003 Sit/Stand Workstation Desk is a powerful tool to help combat these issues for those millions of people who spend many hours sitting at a desk.
sit/stand workstation


    • Fits screen sizes; 22″ to 32″
    • Capacity: 2-11kg
    • Tilt angles: +30/ -150 with VESA 75 x 75 or 100 x 100mm
    • 3600
    • Desk adjustable height range: 450mm
    • Monitor adustable height range: 110 mm
    • Large keyborad table (690mm x 495mm)
    • Pre-installed USB adaptor