Wellback Kneeling Chair

Do you suffer from lower back problems when sitting for long periods of time?  Then you might want to consider the advantages of a kneeling chair. A Wellback kneeling chair not only makes sitting fun, but more importantly, it may improve health and productivity. Originally developed by Karo in 1986, the design is based on sound ergonomic principles. The underlying principle of a kneeling posture chair is to maintain an ‘open’ pelvis while you are sitting. This reduces the strain in your lower back that normally occurs when you sit on a conventional chair. An ‘open’ pelvis is when the angle between your spine and thighs is at least 110 degrees. By sitting on a kneeler, not only will you experience reduced lower back pain, but you can also look forward to an improvement in your posture, digestion, concentration and breathing. At the same time you will reduce muscle tension and increase your core strength.

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Common users of the Wellback include:

  • Office workers
  • Home users
  • Pregnant woman
  • Casual seating


  • Sturdy steel frame with 60mm nylon castors for greater maneuverability.
  • Fully adjustable seat and knee pads, each with 3 height settings.
  • Durable upholstery fabric.
  • Automotive-grade, high-density moulded foam, for greater comfort and longer life.
  • Simple assembly.
  • Lightweight construction (8kg).
  • 12 Month warranty.

How to assemble my Wellback kneeler