Why settle for anything less?

Are you managing a shopfloor operating 24/7? If so, then you will know that your factory chairs are not only used as a seat, but also as loungers, trolleys and logistic tools. Does this result in you continuously fixing or replacing your shopfloor chairs?

The IDONSA is a no-nonsense, robust, hygienic and comfortable chair that is designed for heavy 24/7 usage. By including our unique NUGEN footring that remains at the correct height, the Idonsa can be tailor-made for your specific environment. Simply tell us the workstation height and we will manufacture accordingly! Furthermore, we can colour-code the chairs to ensure they remain in their designated areas.

The IDONSA range is ideal for the highly demanding industrial, food processing, laboratory, retail, medical, surgical, logistical and distribution centre environments.


  • Robust design for 24/7 usage. Fixed backrest thereby reducing the number of moving components.
  • Weight Rating 120kg.
  • Easy to clean vinyl upholstery including the underside of the seat.
  • Easy-Grab® Bumper Edge fitted to the backrest to protect the backrest and machinery against damage (optional).
  • Automotive grade moulded foam for greater comfort and longevity.
  • Base options include, Black Nylon 5-star, Polished Aluminium 5-star or Black Round Nylon.
    The 5-star bases are fitted with either 60mm castors or glides. Note: Glides are recommended for polished  or slippery surfaces.
  • Various seat heights, viz. 440-570mm (no footring), 580-680mm (with nugen footring), 650-750mm (with nugen footring), 680-810mm (with nugen footring), 750-880mm (with nugen footring)
  • Karo’s unique rigid NUGEN footring with durable chrome outer-ring and nylon support structure.