The Delta Industrial Chair …. for Factories, Laboratories and Cashiers in Retail

The Delta Industrial Chair can be to be used as a Factory Chair, a Laboratory Chair or other medical applications as well as a Cashier chair in a Retail environment such as in a supermarket. These environments require durable seating that is easy to keep clean. The Delta Industrial Chair fulfills this requirement. It is manufactured from easy to maintain black Self Skinning Polyurethane foam and both the seat and backrest are steel reinforced.  In addition, chairs in this environment are usually used for long hours and thus should comply with certain ergonomic requirements.  The Delta complies with this requirement. The chair is height adjustable and the backrest can be adjusted to give correct back support. As a cashier or laboratory chair, there is also an option to fit Karo’s unique Nugen rigid footring should the work space require this.

Self Skinning Polyurethane (PU) Foam

Self skinning foam is created using a two part polyurethane process. The single moulding process creates a lightweight flexible foam core, which is then encased in a thick outer protective “skin”.


  • 2 Year warranty.
  • Weight Rating 120kg.
  • 2-Star Ergonomic Rating.
  • Black Self SkinningPolyurethane foam backrest and seat.
  • Ideal for rigorous industrial, laboratory, retail, medical and surgical environments.
  • Internal steel support structure (not wood!) for superior strength.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Height adjustable seat and backrest.
  • Seat height adjustment (floor to top of seat). Standard = Min 48cm, Max 58cm, with Draughting Footring = Min 58cm, Max 88cm.
  • Karo’s unique rigid NUGEN footring with durable chrome outer-ring and nylon support structure (optional).
  • 680mm diameter black nylon 5 star base with 60mm castors.
  • Supplied flat-packed or fully assembled.