Reaching Out

The KM001 DESK MONITOR ARM is an integral part of your ergonomic work-station setup. After adjusting your chair to the right height relative to your desk, the final part of the puzzle is adjusting your monitor to the correct height and so that it is approximately an arms length away. When you are sitting upright and looking straight ahead, your eyes should be focused just below the top of the monitor. Are you able to that with your current desktop monitor or laptop?

The KM001 DESK MONITOR ARM allows you to place your computer screen exactly where you want it! Once mounted on your desk or table, you can swivel, extend, rotate, tilt and adjust the height of your screen to suit every application. If you don’t need the monitor for a specific project, reclaim your desk space by using the folding the arm to push it aside. The KM001 also includes an integrated cable management feature to keep your cords out of the way.
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  • Heavy duty aluminium alloy.
  • Integrated cable management.
  • Accommodates various monitor sizes.
  • Multi adjustable.
  • Simple installation.