Questions to ask before buying a new chair

factors to consider before buying a new chair

There are 4 main factors to consider before buying a new chair for your home, office, factory, training room or laboratory. Failing to consider these factors can impact both your health and your back pocket!

1. The Environment

Consider the environment the chair will be used in as well as it’s function. For example, will the chair be used in a office, laboratory, factory, home office or a 24/7 call centre? Will it be used by a single person or will there be multiple users? What desk or table will be used?

2. Design Characteristics

If you are going to sit for many hours during the day, there are important chair design characteristics to consider. These include the chair’s adjustability, armrest design, swivel & tilt mechanism, moulded foam, sit/stand operation, lumbar support, backrest height, seat depth, and ease of chair setup.

3. Product Ownership

The life of any chair is directly related to two major factors. Firstly, how many hours per day it will be used, and secondly, whether there will be multiple users of the chair. If a chair is used by multiple people, there is little product ownership which often leads to abuse and decreases the life of the chair. This is a significant problem in 24/7 call centres, factories, reception & visitors areas, and any hot-desking environment.

4. Value Package offered by the Supplier

Consider the value package offered by the supplier. Will the supplier assist in selecting the correct product for your environment? Will they setup the workstation correctly? What product warranty do they offer? What after-sales-service is available? Will the supplier assist with the installation? Do I have to assemble the chair? Will they remove the packaging?

In conclusion, the above factors to consider before buying a new chair, can impact both your health and your return on your investment.

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