How to take care of your ergonomic office chair

14th May 2019 in care for your chair

Your office chair endures a substantial amount of wear and tear and it can also easily accumulate dirt and grime on a daily basis. It’s therefore very important to maintain your office chairs as this will ensure the longevity of them.

Think about it: We all have to do some maintenance at some point in our lives – whether it is brushing your teeth or taking your car for a service. Why wouldn’t you want to give your office chair the same kind of love? Investing in good ergonomic office chairs is always a great idea and will last for a long time, provided that you do some regular maintenance checks and cleaning. We can help you with that!

1.Cleaning your office chair

According to Executive Cleaning Services, a company providing commercial cleaning services, “There are over 20,000 germs per square inch that live on your keyboard, computer mouse, and office chair.” That’s a lot of germs! We suggest you do a general weekly cleaning to ensure hygiene and promote longevity. Upholstered office chairs, on the other hand, will require a deep cleaning at least once a year to get rid of excess dirt and grime.

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Bock’s Steam Star, experts in restorative cleaning states:

“Each time a person sits on an office chair, some of that organic soil, along with other soil components, are rendered airborne and becomes breathable. When inhaled by building occupants, we can speculate that sensitive persons will, at best, experience lower productivity and at worst, absenteeism. This has a direct and profound impact on organizational productivity and can increase the cost of doing business and diminish a businesses’ profitability.”

Not sure how to clean your office chairs? Below is our very own downloadable list on how to properly take care of your office chair:

It’s important to note that you need to clean your chair on a weekly or yearly basis no matter the kind of material it’s made of.

Here are some tips to remove spots and stains:

  1. When removing stains, don’t rub the fabric vigorously.
  2. To avoid ring formation, rub with a clean absorbent cloth from the edge towards the centre of the stain.
  3. Small stains can usually be removed by light dabbing with a moist brush or sponge.
  4. Take care to keep the fabric moist rather than wet.
  5. Spot removal is only worthwhile for small stains. In case of insensitive and general soiling, whole cushions should be cleaned.
  6. It’s essential that fabrics are left to dry completely – do not apply heat.
  7. Underlying materials may deteriorate by the cleaning process.

2. Replacing and cleaning your chair castors

Your chair castors do a lot of work on the ground, so it’s inevitable that they will get dirty very quickly. This will cause them to malfunction, if not properly replaced or cleaned. When this happens, you don’t have to necessarily buy a new office chair. Toner Quest, an online company selling products for an office, states: “chair castors are simple and inexpensive to replace. Just make sure you get the right size and the right type of wheel. The wrong wheels can dent, scratch and nick tile, wood and linoleum floors, or destroy the foam backing under carpets and rugs and cause dips and ridges.”

Having trouble with your chair castors? The below video from Beyond The Office Door shows you how to clean them:

3. Fixing your ergonomic chair

As mentioned above, your chair goes through a lot of pressure, so all screws and fittings should be checked on a regular basis. Often the screws and fittings will need to be tightened, but it’s something you can easily do in just a few minutes.

If you have tightened all screws and bolts, but still feel that your chair is a bit wonky, it might be time to replace or fix the gas lifts in your chair.

By following these simple tips and tricks, your ergonomic chair will be in tip-top shape, you’ll show a maximum return on investment and you won’t need to replace it often. Always remember: a good ergonomic chair is an investment, so you need to make it last by doing frequent maintenance checks.

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