The Aragon Gaming Chair is inspired by the story of the Kingdom of Aragon, a mighty and powerful Kingdom that exists to this day. At the heart of Aragon lies the Ebro valley, with its rich pasture lands and orchards, eclipsed by two magnificent mountain formations, the snow-capped Pyrenees to the north and the vast and complex Sistema Ibérico to the south, a symbol of the might of Aragon. Her people are proud of the renowned history of fierce, skilled and courageous medieval knights, but the story of the Kingdom of Aragon had an improbable beginning…

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This story is true, except for the parts that are completely made up!

A lineage of Knights:
The curse that was declared, the death of Sancho the Great, and the birth of Aragon

Chapter One: The Curse

The year is 1004 AD, Pamplona, and the King is dead! As the eldest son of King García Sánchez II, Sancho Garcés III inherited the dynastic rights of the crown of Pamplona at a very young age. Once Sancho Garcés III had been crowned king, his mother, Queen Jimena Fernández, sought to put in motion a plan for an arranged marriage to Countess Muniadona. She was the daughter of Sancho García of Castile, the count and ruler of the large and powerful states, Castile and Álava. Castile so named for its many castles, towers and armies. A successful union in marriage would assure that the power and reach of King Sancho III would expand its territory as the ruler over the counties Castile, Álava and Monzón.

However, King Sancho III was not convinced to enter into a union with Muniadona, as his heart had been captured by the beautiful and exotic Sancha of Aybar, daughter of the king’s healer. He succeeded in eluding his mother’s plots and schemes to secure a promise for the marriage to the countess, and continued his love affair with his true love, Sancha, for a further few more years.

Taking much joy in his love for Sancha, three years later in 1007 AD, a special surprise awaits! "A child, Sancha is with child! His child!"

On the day, when news was brought to King Sancho III, that Sancha had gone into labour and the birth of his first child was imminent, he paced up and down the great hall in anticipation. His first born, such excitement!

However, knowing his mother, Queen Jimena, would not approve, worry nearly overshadowed his anticipation. He started to fear for the safety and security of both mother and child. But then the announcement was made!

A baby boy! His first born. A son! Both mother and!

The child was named Ramiro Sánchez I, meaning “renowned councillor”.

The Aragon Thunder Gaming Chair

This gaming chair takes its name from the magnificent thunderstorms the region of Aragon in Spain experiences. It represents the power of Aragon. According to data, the greatest number of thunderstorms is focused on the northeast of Spain: Aragón, Cataluña and Comunidad Valenciana.

aragon thunder gaming chair
Aragon Thunder Gaming Chair

The Death of Sancha

On hearing of the arrival of the child, Queen Jimena orchestrated a plot to arrest and kill Sancha. Upon her arrest, knowing that Queen Jimena was behind it, a broken-hearted Sancha, placed the following curse on all future legitimate children:

I, Sancha of Aybar, curse all future princes of the line of Sancho Garcés III. Not one will live to a great age. Not one will keep the throne. Not one will retain the crown! The crown of Pamplona will belong to the lineage of my son, Ramiro Sánchez I

Sadly, Ramiro would never know his real mother.

After the arrest and murder of his beloved Sancha, King Sancho III conceded to his mother’s wishes and agreed to marry the Countess Muniadona of Castile. In 1010 AD, she became queen of Pamplona. Though the relationship was strained and unhappy at first, they slowly grew to care for one another and had three sons, namely García Sánchez III, Ferdinand Sánchez and Gonzalo Sánchez. With her increasing love for Sancho III, Countess Muniadona also came to love Ramiro Sánchez as if he were her own son.

The Lineage of Sancho Garcés III

The Lineage of Sancho Garcés III

Chapter Two: The Death of "Sancho the Great”

As the years passed, Ramiro grew up in the palace as an important and integral part of the royal family, and a vital asset to the Kingdom of Pamplona. So much so, that his father rewarded Ramiro with numerous properties in the county of Aragon.

Peace was not to remain in the kingdom, as days were darkened with wars and rumours of wars. It was at this time that King Sancho III “the Great” of Pamplona died. Remembered as a mighty and courageous warrior, as well as a just, and fair king. It was time for the new successor to be announced. Ramiro had trained and prepared for the role his entire young life. He was ready as the eldest son of Sancho III to follow his destiny and step into his role as king of Pamplona, but it was not to be.

Prior to his death in 1035 AD, King Sancho III decreed that the Kingdom of Pamplona was to be divided into three parts:

      1. Pamplona and its hinterland along with western and coastal Basque districts
      2. Castile, and
      3. Sobrare, Ribagorza and Aragon.

Gonzalo Sánchez inherited Sobrarbe and Ribargorza, while Ramiro Sánchez inherited Aragon. As the eldest legitimate son, García Sánchez III inherited the dynastic rights over the crown of Pamplona, becoming the feudal overlord over his two brothers, Gonzalo and Ramiro. Gonzalo and Ramiro would respectively govern Sobrarbe, Ribargorza and Aragon, as vassals of their eldest brother. Ferdinand became the count of Castile.

Ramiro was devastated to find out that Muniadona was not his real mother and that he was the illegitimate son of Sancho III and Sancha of Aybar. He was....a bastard!

Over the next few months, Ramiro's relationship with García III became strained and hostile. Ramiro believed that his birth right had been taken from him, he was the true heir to the throne of Pamplona. He vowed that he would take by force what was rightly his, in battle, in war, against his half-brother García III.

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The Anjana Fairy

In Cantabrian mythology, the Anjana are legendary fairies that live in the Cantabrian forests, a region in the north of Spain. 

These creatures are known to take care of the animals, trees, plants and streams. They are recognised for being generous and protective of most people.

They guide those who lose their way in the forest and, when summoned for help, will accept if the one who summons them is good of heart, but they may also punish the wicked.

One night the Anjana Fairy appeared before Ramiro. She had an important message. She told Ramiro of the great love story between his mother, Sancha of Aybar, and his father Sancho III. She advised Ramiro that if he were to wage war against his half-brother, he would be straying from his destined path and going against his father’s wishes. She relayed the moments when Sancha, his real mother, cursed the future line of Sancho’s III legitimate sons with her dying breath.

The Anjana Fairy told Ramiro that it was not in his destiny to be the king of Pamplona. His role was in fact to lay the foundation and bring into motion the plans to have his future generation, his lineage, rule Pamplona. He, Ramiro, would build the Kingdom of Aragon, which would become a most powerful kingdom, whose borders and influence would stretch far beyond the county of Aragon.

She also warned that there would be dreadful consequences if Ramiro chose to disregard his father’s wishes and went to war with García III. Although he was forewarned, Ramiro’s rage and disappointment was far too great! He chose to disregard the Anjana Fairy’s warning! He believed that his anger against his half-brother was justified and that his birth right had been stolen. He was the eldest son of Sancho III. He had the birthright to be king of Pamplona!

War is Declared

In fierce defiance of all warnings, in 1036 AD Ramiro declared war against his half-brother King García Sánchez III!

Ramiro aligned himself with a sworn enemy of Pamplona and a supporter of the Emir of Tudela. Together they invaded Pamplona. The invasion was not successful, and it was written by historians that Ramiro suffered a great and severe loss against his half-brother’s armies, losing many warriors in the battle. The loss was so shamefully great, that Ramiro was seen fleeing the battlefield, barefoot atop a horse, without spurs and a bit in mouth, leaving his belongings, armour, weapons, tents, and his most prized black horse.

Ramiro was left defeated, down trodden and embittered. How was he ever going to rise from this again?

Cold and hungry, Ramiro wandered into a small wooden area to try find some shelter and warmth. It was then that the Anjana’s fairy revealed herself to him once again. She supplied food and fire for warmth, and then gently reminded him that he must trust and believe that the prophecy she had foretold would come to pass. His lineage would indeed rule over Pamplona. She reminded him of his true role and destiny in becoming the first king of Aragon.

Ramiro now accepted and understood that it was not a war to wage within Pamplona, but a war to conquer other lands, to increase their reach, wealth and territory for the greater power of Aragon. Ramiro began to create the formidable and skilled warrior knights of Aragon.

It was on that day that Ramiro vowed that until he gained full independence for his county Aragon from his half-brother García Sánchez III, he would neither claim nor name himself as the King of Aragon.

aragon raider gaming chair
Aragon Raider Gaming Chair

The Aragon Raider Gaming Chair

This gaming chair takes its name from the linage of Ramiro Sánchez I, whose descendants were well known as mighty warriors and strategists of war. They famously raided territories far and wide to establish the Kingdom of Aragon and the Crown of Aragon.

Chapter Three: The Birth of the Kingdom of Aragon

The year is 1043 AD. Ramiro receives the devastating news that, in an effort to curry favour with rival enemies, his younger half-brother Gonzalo was murdered by his closest and most trusted Knight, Ramonat de Uasconya. For this betrayal, he was beheaded.

As it was Gonzalo’s wish that the lands he inherited would pass to his half-brother Ramiro, he moved swiftly to annex Sobrarbe and Ribagorza, before King García Sánchez III claimed it back into his kingdom. Uniting the lands that were bequeathed to them by their father, King Sancho Garcés III, Ramiro created a pseudo-independent Aragonese state, with its capital at Jaca, and so the Kingdom of Aragon was born! After the annexation of Ribagorza and Sobrarbe, Ramiro began the advance from Aragon toward Huesca and Zaragoza, in the East.

In 1054 AD, after the sudden and unexpected death of King García Sánchez III, who succumbed to his wounds at the battle of Atapuerca, Ramiros nephew, Sancho Garcés IV, was crowned as the new King of Pamplona.

Despite the succession of García’s son, Ramiro continued to stand firm in his belief that the curse placed by his mother, Sancha, would come to pass. He fought valiantly to ensure that he would leave a legacy behind to his lineage as future Kings of Aragon and Pamplona.

Ramiro died at the Battle of Graus in 1063 AD while trying to take the city. After his death he was honoured as the first King of Aragon. His vassals, neighbouring allies, the church and his sons awarded him this honour at his funeral.

In 1063 AD, when Ramiro’s eldest son ascended to the throne of Aragon, the Kingdom was fully independent. Sancho Ramírez, was the first to officially call himself "King of the Aragonese".

As the Aragonese domains expanded to the south, conquering land from Al Andalus, the capital city moved from Jaca to Huesca in 1096 AD, and later to Zaragoza in 1118 AD.

King of the Aragonese

During Sancho Ramírez’s reign as King of the Aragonese, there was trouble brewing in the neighbouring kingdom of Pamplona. There was dissent amongst the siblings. Rife with jealousy and greed, tensions increased between King Sancho Garcés IV and his siblings. In 1076 AD Sancho Garcés' IV brother, Ramón Garcés, and his sister, Ermesinda Garcés, conspired to assassinate him.

They succeeded in their plot, when Sancho Garcés IV was murdered at a scheduled boar hunt in the woodlands, the royal forest of Peñalén, when he was pushed from a cliff and plummeted to his death.

At first the murdered king's young son, García, who had fled to Castile, was recognised as titular king by King Alfonso VI of León and Castile. A most aggressive invasion was imminent by Alfonso VI, known as Alfonso “The Brave”, his sights set on the annexation of Pamplona. In an effort to annex Pamplona himself, Sancho Ramírez V recruited as his allies, noblemen of Pamplona, who resented their kingdom falling under Alfonso's VI influence.

To avoid going into war and causing unnecessary bloodshed, the crisis was resolved by partition. Sancho Ramírez V was elected King of Pamplona by the Pamplonase noblemen, while he ceded previously contested western provinces of the kingdom to Alfonso VI.

Thereafter, Sancho Ramírez V referred to himself as king, not only of Aragon, but also of Pamplona. And so came to pass that which was foretold by his grandmother, Sancha of Aybar.

Sancho Ramírez V continued his reign. He successfully expanded his territories and dominion, conquering Barbastro in 1064 AD, Graus in 1083 AD, and Monzón in 1089 AD. His four sons, Peter I Sánchez, eldest and his successor, Fernando Sánchez, Alfonso Sánchez, known as "the Battler" and Ramiro Sánchez, were trained in the art of combat from a very young age to become valiant and formidable warriors.

It was Ramiro’s descendants that expanded the power and reach of the Crown of Aragon, so much so that it included other territories, namely the County of Barcelona and other Catalan Counties, the Kingdom of Valencia, the Kingdom of Majorca, and other parcels of land that now belong to FranceItaly, and Greece, which were administered by the Kingdom of Aragon!

Such was the greatness of the Kingdom of Aragon!

The Aragon META (Most Effective Tactics Available) Gaming Chair

This gaming chair is inspired by King Peter Sánchez I of Aragon who was described as an "expert in war and daring in initiative". One modern historian has remarked that "his grasp of the possibilities inherent in the age seems to have been faultless".

aragon meta gaming chair
Aragon Meta Gaming Chair

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