Ergonomics, Quality, and Style: Is Your Office Chair a Hit or a Miss?

3rd Aug 2018 in Chairs, News

How do you go about selecting a new chair when there are so many options available? With considerations like price, style, ergonomics, overall comfort, and quality, it’s not always a clear-cut choice for those of you looking to buy the perfect office chair.

There is an overflow of office-chair reviews online – hardly surprising, considering the impact that a chair can have on your muscles, bones, and vascular health.

Making the Choice Usually Comes Down to Price and Style.

Generally, when we’re selecting a new chair (especially in large corporations), we select a uniform, professional-looking, affordable option. However, we can all attest to the fact that this is probably the best way to make EVERYONE in the office just a little bit cranky.
Those who work from home will also be swayed primarily by price, rather than comfort.
So how do you safely justify an unexpected spend on an office chair? Do you need to?

Office Chair Essentials: The Comprehensive Guide

1. Sitting in Style

Looks don’t have to come before comfort in your office environment. With new manufacture technologies and sustainable materials sourcing, the incredible style or elegant look of an office chair shouldn’t impact its comfort or quality.

Modern, minimalist office chairs are the popular current style. Here’s how you can tell the difference between one sleek, black chair and the next:

Yes!  No.
Be constructed with quality fabrics, padding, and mechanisms. Values form over function – cheap materials may make great-looking chairs, but they seldom last.
Be breathable and light Hold heat and be difficult to move
Support your lower back and enable free, easy movement Sacrifice support for edginess.
Give you the vascular freedom you need, and help you avoid the blood-circulation obstructions that give you pins and needles. Constrict your blood-flow and cause discomfort. Workplace vampires exist, and they’re usually dressed up as a really “interesting” chair.
Is adjustable for comfort, whatever your height, and allows for ergonomic flexibility in any sitting position. “Well, you sat in it. This is your position for the rest of the week.”

If it checks the “no” boxes, you may want to rethink your (or your office’s) approach to office-chair selection.

2. Constructed for Comfort

Like cars, chairs come with a wide range of ergonomic adjustability options. Top models retail at anything from R3000 – R5000. That pricing is more restrictive than the plastic bucket-seat you’re currently sitting in.

You don’t need a Rolls Royce: What’s critical?

Feature: What is it for? Should my chair have it?
Simple Gas Height Adjustments This adjusts your overall position in relation to your workstation and keeps the height stable. Critical
Lightweight Build Light, strong materials help you to move more freely and relocate without strain when required. Critical
Sturdy Base We all know the pain of sitting in a chair with a wheel that’s fallen off, or a broken support beneath the seat. Critical
Stable movement and easy manoeuvrability Reduced rolling resistance allows for freer movement that does not cause strain on any muscle from rolling, pushing, or moving your chair. Critical
Mesh Fabric Back The mesh should mould to your body for better support and allow a free-flow of air for reduced heat-entrapment. Recommended
Adjustable Lumbar Support Changing the support on your lumbar spine can be the difference between a migraine and a productive workday. Recommended
Dynamic Sitting An office chair which permits the backrest and seat to move relative to each other increases your muscular movement in the lumbar region, reducing stiffness and pain in the lower back. Recommended
Adjustable Armrests Add to your comfort by ensuring your arms are comfortably supported Optional
Adjustable Headrests Adjustable headrests allow you to get better support around your head and neck. Optional

3. Keeping the Quality

Materials make up the chair. What are you looking for in terms of quality, sustainability, and longevity?

Quality Sustainability Longevity
Top-quality fabrics that are robust and durable Sustainably produced materials and parts Reduced wear-and-tear on materials.
Solid mouldings on plastic elements Long-lasting construction for reduced turnover of written-off chairs High-Quality joints and small parts for a lower chance of failure.
Well-crafted edging, joining, and construction parts Serviceability An ergonomic support that stays in place over time.
Firm, lasting padding or cushioning Replacement parts and repair options available Warranty for a minimum of 2 Years.

Now that you know what to look for when selecting a new chair, you can start looking with confidence that you’ll come out with the best office-chair option available.

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