Mechanism Upgrade – DONATI


Karo leading office chair suppliers are pleased to announce that all single lever COFEMO centre pivot synchro mechanisms will be replaced from September with the superior DONATI dual lever mechanism. We will not be issuing a call back instead all new office chairs will be fitted with this new device. There is no additional charge for our office chairs for sale in Johannesburg despite the various benefits resulting in savings for our customers.

We are pleased to announce that, with immediate effect, all single lever COFEMO centre pivot synchro mechanisms will be superceded with the advanced DONATI dual lever mechanism (pictured below) – at no additional charge.

The aesthetically-pleasing DONATI mechanism not only offers peace of mind with a 5 year guarantee, it also incorporates the following additional features/benefits:

      • 2 Levers instead of 1, with a gas backrest adjustment with 5 different locking positions. This innovative design promotes ‘Dynamic Sitting’ which alleviates lower back pain that is frequently caused by inactive muscles in the lumbar region of the spine, after prolonged periods of sitting.
      • A tension adjustment bar is conveniently located on the side of the chair, for easy access.
      • DONATI mechanism is designed with improved qualities like precision and movement.
      • The DONATI mechanism ensures longevity and flawless functioning.
      • It has an integrated seat angle adjustment that allows starting backrest angle changes by 6° and the seat angle by 2.4° for a more comfortable day at work.

Should you require further information regarding the benefits of the new DONATI mechanism for extra comfortable chairs, please contact Ronel Hendry on 082 804 5561 or