Checklist for buying the right office chair

25th Apr 2019 in News, Quality

Having a checklist for buying office chairs can assist you in purchasing what you really need. In fact, a lot of buyers only compare chairs by price – a rookie (and potentially costly) error. Whether or not you’re using the right office chair has a significant impact on your health, productivity and even your business’ profitability.

This doesn’t mean that a cheaper chair is automatically inferior – there are a number of factors which determine whether you’re buying the right office chair. The key to choosing the perfect chair lies in striking the right balance between these factors.

Factors to consider when purchasing chairs for your office

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1. Does the chair manufacturer have a good reputation?

Selecting the right chair supplier is almost as important as the chair itself. Make sure to choose a well-established chair manufacturer with a track record for quality products and excellent after-sales service.

At Karo we have a team of in-house design engineers with over 30 years of experience manufacturing office chairs. See our broad range of clients.

2. Is my chair manufactured using quality components and materials?

The number one culprit of a rapid chair replacement cycle is poor quality components and materials.

Ever wondered if you’re replacing your office chairs too often? Read our article, Top 3 things that impact the lifespan of your office chairs.

Office chairs are a significant investment. A poorly manufactured, disposable chair which needs to be replaced every year will quickly become a drain on your budget. It’s better to spend a little more upfront to ensure you’re getting an excellent quality chair which won’t need to be replaced for the next five to ten years.

Karo uses top quality, SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) approved materials (such as automotive-grade PU injection molded foam), which have undergone rigorous testing for comfort and durability. Our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certification gives you confidence, knowing that every Karo product will provide many years of cost-effective service.

3. Does my chair come with a warranty?

A quality office chair should come with a manufacturer’s warranty to ensure that you get the after-sales support you need, should anything go wrong. Selected ranges of our Karo chairscome with a five-year warranty – giving you complete peace of mind.

4. Was my chair manufactured locally?

Office chairs often need to be matched to a company’s corporate identity. The last thing you want is 300 employees each with their own weird and wonderful chair, because your supplier couldn’t source an exact-match replacement. Choosing a chair that’s locally manufactured, with an established national distribution network, ensures that you’ll have easy access to parts, should anything need to be replaced.

Karo is a South African chair manufacturer and office accessories supplier, with a well established national and international distribution network. To reduce chair downtime and ensure that our products are fully customisable, we use interchangeable chair components.

5. Is my chair fit for purpose?

Yes, you read that correctly. If you thought all chairs are made equal, think again. There are all sorts of different chairs for different industries and each is uniquely suited to its specific job. When choosing a chair, you need to consider what you need from the chair. Does it need to be easy to clean? Do you need to be able to adjust its height? Will you be sitting in it for very long periods?

To find out more about choosing a chair that’s fit for purpose, read our article, How chairs differ per industry (and why)Karo offers a wide range of chairs for various different industries, from heavy duty and industrial chairs, to executive chairs, task seating, visitors chairs and casino seating.

6. Does my chair come with user product training?

A lot of staff are unaware of their chair’s capabilities. Because of this, you’ll often find an employee sitting uncomfortably, in an expensive office chair, unable to adjust the chair to their needs. This defeats the object of buying a great chair.

Karo offers extensive user product education, training and initial workstation set up, to ensure that you and your team get the most out of your chairs.

7. Is my chair manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner?

It’s important to consider the entire life-cycle of a chair and its impact on the environment. Choose a chair that is both sustainable produced and recyclable to help reduce unnecessary waste. Karo offers a full return recycle guarantee: as soon as you no longer need your chair, we will take it back and recycle its parts.

Need help finding the perfect chair? Book a consultation with one of our experts. We’ll perform a needs assessment to help you choose the right chair for the job.

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