4 years on, Karo’s exclusive chair design for Unilever is still on the shopfloor.

3rd Nov 2019 in All, Chairs, Ergonomics, Quality

Karo’s Idonsa industrial chair solved a problem at Unilever! Unilever’s Indonsa Savoury factory had a recurring and expensive problem: industrial chairs that kept breaking and needed replacing every three months. Their chairs were also failing to meet the necessary hygienic health and safety requirements required in a food producing environment. Furthermore, productivity was negatively affected […]

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What is under my seat?

23rd Oct 2019 in All, Chairs

Understand your ergonomic chair’s skeleton and find out what the levers under your seat are used for. It’s crucial that your workstation and ergonomic chair are adjusted according to your body type and height to improve your posture and overall productivity. But, how can you make sense of the skeleton and levers under your chair? […]

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How chairs differ per industry….and why

3rd Aug 2018 in Chairs, News

Different chairs are required by different industries…a chair is not just a chair! Your chair can have a major impact on your productivity and physical well-being. Back pain, migraines, and pins and needles. All of these could be signs you’re not using the right chair for your job (or body type). A chair, while seemingly […]

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8 signs you need a new chair

20th Jul 2018 in Chairs, News

What are the tell-tale signs that you need a new chair? We spend a bulk of our time in our offices, but most of us never think of replacing a chair unless it literally falls apart. Your office chair just like any other piece of furniture needs to be looked after and essentially replaced once […]

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