Karo Office Chair Manufacturer is Now BEE Certified


Johannesburg, 1 September 2012


We are ecstatic to announce that we are now officially BEE certified. Karo, South African office chair manufacturers received a Level 2 BEE contributor with 125% procurement recognition from a BEE rate verification Agency.

We believe this is an important step and a big opportunity to make a positive contribution to help close the income gap in South Africa. It demonstrates we provide  quality service while embracing change and playing an active part in uplifting communities in our Country. We seek to be at the forefront of skills development in the office chair industry, which leads to greater efficiency, increased productivity and improved customer relationships. Through these initiatives, we hope to encourage our competitors to follow the example we have set.

We subscribe to employment equity and we endeavour to train and promote all race groups from within our Organisation. We are actively engaged in employee training and encourage employees at all levels to develop their skills. By using a combination of in-house training and professional external service providers, we strive to develop a pool of talented individuals who will be an asset to our business, our suppliers, our customers and the community.

We are grateful to the South African public for their support and we will continue to contribute to employment equity, preferential procurement, enterprise development and socio-economic development.

 Should you require further information regarding our BEE certificate please feel free to download it or give us a call.