8 signs you need a new chair

20th Jul 2018 in Chairs, News

What are the tell-tale signs that you need a new chair? We spend a bulk of our time in our offices, but most of us never think of replacing a chair unless it literally falls apart.

Your office chair just like any other piece of furniture needs to be looked after and essentially replaced once it is no longer in a good condition. The thing about having a bad chair is that it’s gradual and it creeps up on you.

While your chair may not look like this one, here are eight telltale signs that you’re due for a chair upgrade.

  1. You’re in pain: Constant body pain is the easiest way of telling that your office chair is no longer right for you. So, if you start experiencing a lot of pain, you need to look at the condition of your chair.  In an article published on Office Furniture Now, Chiropractor Dr. Scott Schreiber said if your chair is not replaced every couple of years; it can be your undoing.
  2. Your chair is worn out: Are any bits of your chair loose or dropping? You will probably need to replace your chair as this may be detrimental to your health.
  3. Your chair has bumps and patches: Does your chair have bumps and patches? Are you sitting strategically to avoid these? Our chair’s posture will directly impact your own. Sitting strategically to avoid tears in fabric or bumps in padding can throw off your posture. So, please get your chair checked out if you answered yes to any of these.
  4. Your chair has been there for a while: A good time frame for the life of a good quality chair is up to five years. Anything over that is risky. After five years, the cushions and structural support is not the same and it needs to be replaced. If you’ve purchased a lower quality chair, you’ll be looking at between 2 and 3 years in lifespan.
  5. Your chair is not line with your office table: If your chair doesn’t let you use your computer comfortably and there’s no way it can be adjusted to that level, then it’s time for a new chair.
  6. Your chair starts reducing your productivity: Believe it or not, there are lots of factors that contribute to how productive we are. If your chair doesn’t offer enough spine support and helps you maintain good posture you may find that you will start spending more time away from your desk and therefore being less productive.
  7. Your chair is missing lumbar support: If your back is constantly bent forward then your muscles will start taking a strain. Chairs with not enough lumbar support will bring about back pain and are a leading signal that you need a new chair.
  8. Your chair is out of style: And lastly, while you don’t want to be replacing chairs every year, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the market and see if you’re somewhat in line with current office furniture trends. If not, go chair shopping. New chairs are designed with new technology in mind and go a long way in ensuring your comfort.

If you answered yes to the statements above, it time to start asking questions and looking for a new seat. Working through the discomfort is not beneficial for your company or your health.

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